Put An End (Stop) To Your Curtain Track Dilemma


Put An End (Stop) To Your Curtain Track Dilemma



At Curtain-Tracks.com, we sell a whole host of curtain accessories and drapery hardware. We have such a big selection, in fact, that to the curtain-track novice, the choices can be overwhelming. After picking out curtains, then deciding on which track and what type of carriers and hooks, some people decide enough is enough and forget to order a small, but very important piece: the end stop. This overlooked piece is an essential part of the installation. It closes the open slot at the end of the track to stop the carriers from slipping out. Its presence makes the difference between the curtain staying on the track and slipping off on to the floor. The good news is that they are inexpensive, easy to order, and, in most cases, you will only need two.


End_Stop 84132 End Stop



We recommend our customers buy end stops for every track. The only time end stops wouldn’t be needed is if the end of the track is flush against the wall, but this is not ideal. It will leave the track looking unfinished, and it will make it difficult to remove the carriers when you need to.


Of course, you don’t have to use end stops just at the end of the track. A little curtain-track hack we have learned over the years is that you can use end stops anywhere you want to immobilize a carrier. For example, when using our Ball-Bearing Carrier Track, you could use either our 7127 Stainless Steel End Stop or our 84132 Metal End Stop to “pin” the curtain anywhere along the track. This trick is useful when you want the curtain to only open or close to a certain point. To finish off the ends of the track you would want to use the 84134 End Cap with Friction carrier.

The above example highlights why we often have multiple end stops available for a single track. All compatible drapery hardware are displayed on the same page as the track, and if you are not sure which end stop you need, please call customer service at 888-434-7444. We are here to help!



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