Reduce Your Heating Bills With Eclipse Curtains


Reduce Your Heating Bills With Eclipse Curtains



When the weather outside is frightful, your fire may be delightful, but you could still be losing a lot of heat through your windows. Wooden window frames in older homes are notorious for losing heat, but even modern homes with fiberglass windows could use a little help when the temperature plunges. Simple things like opening the curtains on southern facing windows when the sun is out, and keeping the curtains closed otherwise can make a difference. We can help you go even further with our Eclipse fabric curtains (also known as Black Out Curtains), which help hold in heat and can also reduce your energy bills this winter.





Eclipse curtains are made of a light blocking and sound absorbing fabric that can help you conserve energy in the winter and summer. These panels are top-quality curtains with a triple thick 1.5 inch header reinforced with a middle layer of nylon mesh. These curtain panels have two-piece rustproof nickel-plated brass grommets every six inches, so they can be hung on a rod if that is what you have, but we highly recommend hanging them from a ceiling-mounted curtain track. A floor-to-ceiling panel, which is only truly possible when hung directly from the ceiling, gives more coverage and helps keep heat, light, and sound from escaping over the top of the panel. We have multiple tracks to choose from and all the drapery hardware you will need to install your energy-saving curtains.



Luckily, Eclipse curtains are not all substance with no style. They are available in multiple lengths, widths and colors. Our customer service reps are happy to send you color samples prior to ordering. Panels will be made to your specifications, and we can help you pick the proper length and width, given the dimensions of your room and window. Most of our tracks can be spliced together, so no window is too large, and some of our tracks can be easily bent (some by hand), so no shape is too irregular. We can even cover sliding glass doors and Bay windows.


Email your measurements to us at with the subject line “Eclipse curtain,” and we will let you know the curtain length and width you need.



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