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Renovating Your Home? Consider A Recessed Curtain Track

Renovating Your Home? Consider A Recessed Curtain Track
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The home construction field has been a bit of a rollercoaster for the last decade, but by all accounts, it is currently headed uphill. In fact, this article from Philly.com indicates that construction of new homes is at an 8-year high this year. This is welcome news all around, and we are ready to do our part. Many of our clients are contractors who rely on the quality and durability of our products in their new-builds and when renovating. Of these, one of the most advantageous to install during construction is the 3120 Extra Heavy Duty Curtain Track.


Recessed_Curtain_Track Recessed Curtain Track
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The 3120 track is anodized aluminum with a thicker top wall for support. It is very durable and will last for 20 years or more with the right treatment. It is available in silver and black, but the best feature of this track is that it can be recessed into the ceiling to become almost completely invisible. The compatible double wheel carrier slides inside the track and so it is not visible either. The track requires no brackets but is instead drilled directly into the ceiling. Creating the recess is easiest to do in the context of a renovation or new build, and such a feature is a unique, stylish design addition that will add value to the home.



Consider placing a recessed curtain track around a claw foot tub, or other bathroom area where privacy is a premium. These kinds of tracks also look great in front of sliding doors or picture windows. Since there is no visible drapery hardware, the line of the window is simple and clean, allowing the view (or the curtain) to get all the attention. Designers can place a recessed track anywhere, so there is every opportunity to think outside the box, with projects such as creating a virtual wall, or lining a porch or pergola.


Contractors and home builders take note: we offer discounts for such professionals. Call us at 888-434-7444 to discuss.