Silent Gliss Track System Replacement Parts


Silent Gliss Track System Replacement Parts

Edited November 15, 2018: Silent Gliss is available in the United States as of 2014.

Earlier this year, Silent Gliss, a large global manufacturer of drapery hardware, withdrew from the US Market. With that departure, it has become very difficult for owners of these Silent Gliss systems that have been sold in the US for years to find replacement parts like carriers and end stops. These parts are readily available in the UK, but not in the United States. offers a range of components that are similar to these Silent Gliss parts and compatible with the Silent Gliss tracks.

Silent Gliss Drapery Hardware Replacement Parts

To help our customers understand what parts may be suitable substitutes for these Silent Gliss products, we have provided a brief summary below. We list the Silent Gliss part number and description, followed by the part number of a viable replacement drapery hardware component. Please note that we are not claiming these parts are manufactured by Silent Gliss, nor are we saying they are exactly the same dimensions. However, they are viable options (and often very similar) for those who have the tracks already installed and are having a hard time sourcing original Silent Gliss replacement parts as spares. You can search by these part numbers in the search field located in the upper right of our website.


  • Silent Gliss 1012 Ceiling Mount track (SG 1012) -- part # 3292 Curtain Track
  • Silent Gliss 1025 Curtain Track (SG 1025) -- part # 3294 Curtain Track
  • Silent Gliss 1021 Curtain Track (SG 1021) -- part # 3296 Curtain Track
  • Silent Gliss 3533 Glider (SG 3533) -- part # 3050 Eye Slide
  • Silent Gliss 3570 Swivel Glider (SG 3570) -- part # 8120 Ball Head Carrier
  • Silent Gliss 3075 Sew On Glider (SG 3075) -- part # 3040 Sew In Tailside Carrier
  • Silent Gliss 3112 Bracket (SG 3112) -- part # 3080 Snap In Retainer Catch
  • Silent Gliss 3017 Endstop (SG 3017) -- part # 3030 End Stop
  • Silent Gliss 3070 Endstop (SG 3070) -- part # 3032 End Stop with Loop
  • Silent Gliss 3750 Plexiglass/Steel Baton 48" (SG 3750) -- part # 84184 Fiberglass Baton
  • Silent Gliss 6120 Glider with 6143 Stainless Steel Hook (SG 6120, SG 6143) -- part # 7122 Button Carrier with Stainless Hook. Carriers 7124 and Hooks 7142 also sold separately.
  • Silent Gliss 6007 Endstop - part # 7127 End Stop
  • Silent Gliss 3582 Hook - part # 4140 Spiral Nylon Hook

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