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3050 Eye Slide Compatible with IKEA Kvartal Curtain Track

3050 Eye Slide Compatible with IKEA Kvartal Curtain Track
By Curtain-Tracks 11 years ago 15895 Views 2 comments

Our customers are constantly looking for various replacement drapery hardware (particularly carriers, glides, rollers and sliders) to fits in existing tracks when parts are broken or misplaced.  Recently, Cynthia W.  in Austin, Texas was kind enough to let us know that the 3050 Eye Slide works well with the IKEA Kvartal curtain tracks.  She had been searching for replacement glides to work with this track system for some time, as IKEA apparently no longer offers the Kvartal curtain track or replacement parts.

Replacment Glides for the IKEA Kvartal Track System Glides Shown in the IKEA Kvartal Curtain Track

Tips like this that can be quite helpful to other customers in similar situations, so feel free to share your discoveries and ideas as well and we will pass them along.

3050 Eye Slide Curtain Carrier Glide Slider RECMAR 3050 Eye Slide Carrier

The 3050 Eye Slide offers a loop that accepts most size curtain or drapery hooks.

Laura Adams 4 years ago at 8:36 PM
I was thrilled to see that I could use the Recmar gliders in the Ikea Kvartal tracks - not because they no longer carry them, because they do - but because the nearest Ikea to my house is several hours away, and gas is $3.29 a gallon! I received the Recmar gliders very soon after my order, and they do FIT the Kvartal track, but they DO NOT slide easily. It is a tug of war to get the curtain open or closed. I guess I will be making the trip out to the Ikea store after all.
Lori 4 years ago at 8:36 PM
Hi laura,
so how do you like your kvartal system? i have read reviews stating that it looks cheap. its the only system i can find that fits all my needs (need double track...1 for curtains, 1 for sheers; want silver finish; need curved rail pieces to go around corners; need wall mount). :)