Retail Dressing Rooms or Changing Areas


Retail Dressing Rooms or Changing Areas

Curtain tracks can offer a retail store owner a lot of flexibility with regard to how their dressing rooms and changing areas are configured. Often times, a retailer wants to create a space for customers to try on clothes or change without incurring the expense of building out hard walls to meet this need. In this scenario, curtains on tracks can be used to conceal the entire perimeter of this changing area. No walls are needed, and the curtains can be pulled back or removed to free up the space for other uses as needed. The use of divider or privacy curtains allows a shop owner to fully utilize their floor space and grants latitude to change the use on the fly.

Other retail store owners have pre-existing stalls, but either want to replace doors with curtains on tracks, or provided the function of a door via the use of a privacy curtain suspended on a curtain track. In either of these scenarios, curtains can be used that meet both the functional requirements of privacy, and also enhance the appeal of the store as well. In addition by using curtains that slide from side to side, it eliminates the floor space clearance required for a swinging door.

An excellent example of this latter scenarios was provided by customer Tracy Burke, who owns bridal shops NY Bride in Charlotte, NC and Syracuse, NY. In the pictures below, you can see that elegant curtains were added to conceal their changing rooms. These curtains were hung using our 3118 curtain track and 7130 double wheel curtain carriers. Tracy has commented how well this hardware has worked for her in her Charlotte store, and that she expects to install them in their New York store soon.

Changing area concealed by curtains on tracks

The use of fabric curtains definitely works to soften the feel of this room. The accents on the curtains work to enhance the look as well. is proud to have helped NY Bride create this beautiful setting. We are sure it is a real plus to the store's customers as well. To see more images of the NY Bride store, or if you are in the market for a wedding dress, you can visit their facebook page.

Curtains on Tracks for changing areasRegardless of the type of retail store you may operate, curtains may provide you with the solution you need. Whether it is dividing space for client consultations, concealing storage or break room space, or offering customer privacy in dressing rooms, curtains offer a flexible option. Often, the optimal way to suspend curtains is by using track mounted to either the wall or the ceiling. Track systems allow for longer continuous runs of hardware than poles or rods, and therefore afford the use of wider curtains.

If you have a design challenge in a retail space and need some advice or ideas, the staff at is here to help. We have assisted countless store owners in tackling this type of challenge with track systems and drapery hardware, and we are here for you as well. Let us know how we can help.


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