Reversing the Urban Workspace Sprawl, One Curtain-Track at a Time


Reversing the Urban Workspace Sprawl, One Curtain-Track at a Time


Out with the old and in with the...updated workspace? Many cities have begun to turn their attention to the downtown area rather than continue the urban sprawl any farther. Even though many industries have changed, the large buildings remain and renovations are turning them into more current workspaces. In order to keep some of the wonderful textures and artifacts from history, designers must be creative in their plans. What better option to help with this transformation than Curtain-Tracks? Our products are great for repurposing workspaces. In addition to keeping employees happy and productive, our tracks and curtains can define spaces, create privacy, and change the feeling of a room. They can highlight existing architecture and ignite creativity.



Many older buildings in downtown areas were once factories, featuring bold materials like brick and steel. In order to compliment these features, Curtain-Tracks offers a few heavy-duty tracks that will blend nicely with this type of decor. One of our favorites is our extra heavy duty ceiling track. Not only does it look a little rugged, to match the steel and brick of a former factory, it can stand up to frequent use and can hold the heaviest of drapes. (Think about how much fabric one might need to make it all the way from a high ceiling to the floor…) This track is made of anodized aluminum for durability and comes in black or silver. It can be cut into two sections that equal 8 feet but please contact us to learn more about sizes and shipping options.


Another great choice for a factory-turned-office is our heavy duty I beam track because it gives you the option between mounting it on the wall or on the ceiling. For use on the ceiling, you’ll need a 6285 ceiling mount every 24-32 inches. This track begins as a 12 foot section that must be cut into two smaller sections to ship via FedEx but can be shipped via freight carrier at an additional expense. To save you the math, that means you will need 4 or 6 brackets and a few screws to mount this track securely. To use this track on the wall, you’ll need to decide how close you want the curtains to the wall. Our long wall bracket will give you 2.375 inches away from the wall, or our wall bracket will give you 1.25 inches away from the wall.

No matter which way this track is mounted, our metal block carrier will hold even the heaviest of curtains. Just don’t forget to pick a hook to use with grommet or tab curtains or snap tape to sew into fabric.


What an easy way to keep the history of a beautiful, old building while also meeting the needs of a current office. Matching the old and the new makes for a great team, just like our customer service team! Call us today to begin your own transformation project! 1-888-434-7444.


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