Can You Have Too Much Room? Create Intimate Spaces with Dividers


Can You Have Too Much Room? Create Intimate Spaces with Dividers

Is your spacious great room giving you headaches? Do you find such large areas hard to heat and cool or you just want to create more intimate spaces in your home? You don't have to move. Room divider curtains are easy to install and the variety of choices lets you have curtains with light-blocking or sound-blocking features.

Room divider A curtain provides flexibility in dividing a room.


You can use room divider curtains to break up room or to replace doors for a more casual look. You might use a curtain to create a boundary for a room that is shared by siblings, giving each privacy while allowing for the entire room to still be used by pushing back the curtain. In some large bathrooms, the toilet is in an alcove that is open to the rest of the bathroom. To provide privacy for this area, use a curtain at the alcove entrance, like in the picture below.

Bathroom privacy A curtain can create privacy in a bathroom.


To break up a larger room into smaller spaces, ceiling-mounted curtain tracks are your best option. We have several such tracks available, including the 88001 privacy curtain track, 3118 ceiling-mounted aluminum track, 3120 heavy-duty track and 6100 flexible track. These tracks can be hung from your ceiling, and you just add the curtains and rollers.


When you want to hang a curtain, you need to have rollers that will glide along the track and hold the hooks that are connected to the curtains. The types of gliders, carriers or rollers you get will depend on the curtain track you are using because each track accommodates a different set of rollers. When ordering your track, to be sure you get the right carriers, order only those that are located at the bottom of the page for the track you ordered. All the parts shown at the bottom of each product page are compatible with the product at the top.


The hooks you use for your curtains can vary depending on the style of curtains. If your curtains have grommets installed at the top, you can use 7142 steel curtain hooks unless your track's carriers have the hook included, like many of those used with the 88001 privacy curtain track. Drapery pin hooks and wrinkle band hooks are another alternative if your curtains lack grommets.


You don't have to let large spaces in your home get you down. Ceiling-mounted curtains can let you separate large spaces into smaller rooms that are more comfortable and private. Contact us and let us know how we can help you find the right tracks, curtains and accessories for creating your room dividers. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to ask us. Our curtain and track experts are always here to help you.


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