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Keeping Out The Light With Arena Curtains


We are in the height of basketball season and have had the pleasure of working with arenas and colleges across the country. A Curtain-Tracks team member recently attended a college game (unfortunately her team lost - it's been a tough year!), but she noticed the curtain tracks that were at every entrance from the concourse area to the arena. Each entrance was equipped with fantastic curtain tracks!


For sporting events, the curtains on these tracks are pulled open and to the side. You may not even notice them. For concerts however, these curtains get pulled closed once the performance starts. There’s a good reason for this! The curtains (which are often eclipse curtains), when closed shut, help keep sound from traveling and also block out light. When there is a concert, these curtains are especially helpful to create an environment that is dark except for the light on the stage.


Oftentimes, arenas and stadiums will use the 84004 Ball Bearing Curtain Track. It is a strong aluminum track that is available in 8 foot sections and can handle tugging and pulling on the curtains from the ushers. Add smooth rolling ball bearing carriers and eclipse curtains, and the look is complete.


The next time you visit an arena, look to see if they use curtain tracks and thick, light blocking curtains to keep the sound from the concourse from traveling into the arena, and vice versa. You might just see some of our products!

3 years ago

What Is Snap Tape?


What exactly is snap tape? This isn't an uncommon question and quite frankly, we get asked it often. In fact, we have wriiten a popular blog post on this very topic sharing instructions on how you can add snap tape to your curtain panels.

The long and short of it is snap tape comes in a roll and is made with 1-inch wide polyester webbing and nickel plated brass snaps spaced 4.25 inches apart. It can be sewn directly onto a curtain you have purchased or custom made curtains and is especially popular on ripple fold draperies. The benefit of snap tape is it allows for easy removal of the curtains from the drapery hardware and eliminates the need to remove any hooks which is great when you are wanting to clean the curtains. It can also create a full look with your curtains when it is used with our 84106 carrier. If you just love the ripple fold look when your curtains are closed, the 84106 Wheeled Carrier- Corded for Ripple Fold is a fantastic choice. When attached to the snaps, this system will hold the ripples at desired uniform spacing. When it comes to curtain tracks, check out the 84003 & 84004.

For step by step instructions on using snap Tape on your curtain panels, check out our blog post! We are also always eager to help! You can contact our friendl;y customer service team with any questions at 1-888-465-0274.

3 years ago

On The Road During COVID-19

For many, vacation plans were put on hold this year. Cruises, flights to exciting places and even week-long stays in a hotel to visit a different part of the country were cancelled or postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19. The impact on the travel industry has been devastating. According to and a forecast prepared for the U.S. Travel Association by Tourism Economics (both domestic and international), through the end of 2020, the report estimates $505 billion in losses for the travel industry for a total of $81 billion in lost federal, state and local taxes by the end of 2020. The travel industry is not expected to recover until 2024.” With that being said, Americans are getting creative with their vacation plans by planning day trips, staycations, and even camping more, whether in a tent or an RV.


RV camping has increased in popularity in 2020 because it allows families to get away yet socially distance from others. The benefits of RV camping abound! Most vehicles include a kitchen, a toilet and shower, and of course, air conditioning. Families can go out hiking for the day but come back to their RV, shower and relax with the AC blasting. At Curtain-Tracks, we have seen an increase in RV owners wanting to upgrade their home on wheels and one of the most common projects we help with are custom curtains.


Every RV is different, especially when it comes to windows. Adding custom curtains not only personalizes your home away from home, it ensures the curtains will fit correctly. Recently, a Curtain-Tracks customer added custom curtains to his RV. He chose the Shadow Cube fabric in Oatmeal and had them made to perfectly fit his windows. He had 3089 tailslide tape sewn across the top and Velcro tabs added on the right front side, the center and bottom. He then added custom tiebacks with Velcro. After he received his brand-new curtains, he contacted the Curtain-Tracks team.

“We just installed the curtains in the RV. They fit perfectly and the color is just right too. Even the backside liner color works well for us. This is a very professional addition to our RV. I have attached some pictures to show you how they look. I will be showing these curtains off and will give your contact information to those interested. Thanks very much for your help.”

-Jim R.


Nothing makes us happier than having our customers contact us after they have completed a successful project. If you have an RV, motorhome or boat, and need custom curtains, curtain tracks or hardware, we are more than happy to hep you as well!

2 years ago

Creating An Isolation Facility

Several months ago, Curtain-Tracks had the opportunity to work with the Army Corps of Engineers as they installed curtains to separate beds and create an isolation facility for Soldiers, Airmen and State Guardsmen suspected of having COVID-19. The barracks allowed the men and women to recover in a safe environment and prevent further spread of the virus. They used 88001 track which is commonly used in hospital and medical facilities. It is an aluminum track that can be spliced together for longer applications. They also used the 88100 carriers which are two wheel carriers with hook, and “quick ship” privacy cubicle curtains These curtains not only ship quickly, they are flame retardent per NFPA #701 standards and machine washable.

In the image below, Texas Army Sgt. Keith Huffstuttler, a team leader with Task Force 176’s 840th Engineering Mobility Augmentation Company, installs curtains to separate beds in Camp Swift.

In the image below, Texas Army National Guard combat engineers Pvt. Blake Hall and Spc. Nallely Cantu, both members of the 840th Engineer Mobility Augmentation Company, operating within Task Force 176, install curtains to separate beds in Camp Swift barracks.

Since the outbreak of COVD-19, the team at Curtain-Tracks has had the opportunity to not only work with the Army Corps of Engineers, but with several other medical facilities and organizations as they create isolation facilities due to COVID-19. If your organization needs privacy curtains, curtain tracks or hardware, we are here to help. We wish all the men and women at Camp Swift good health!

Image Credits: U.S. Army National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Michael Giles

2 years ago

Home Improvement Projects


Investments in home improvement projects have skyrocketed over the past 12 months due to people staying home. With budgets accustomed to trips, concerts, plays, movies, gym memberships, and dining out, that money is being spent elsewhere. Bathroom remodels, creating living space in an unfinished basement, kitchen upgrades, pool installations, and adding a screened-in porch or four seasons room are just some of the common projects taking place. In fact, one study shows home extensions and additions jumped 52% compared to a year ago.


For this article, we wanted to talk about screened-in porches and four seasons’ rooms. These spaces that are connected to the home, offer a taste of the outside while still being protected from the elements. Once these rooms are built, depending on the structure and if there are windows or just screens surrounding the room, curtains can come into play. Curtains add a feature that not only can complete the look of a room but can also protect against weather. For a screened-in porch, adding curtain tracks, like the 42124 Ceiling Mount Curtain Track or the 3118 Aluminum Ceiling Mount Track and curtains that are weatherproof, can keep rain from blowing in through the screens and saturating the furniture. As soon as the storm blows through, open the curtains and enjoy your screened-in porch immediately (no need to wait for that furniture to dry out)!


For four seasons rooms with windows surrounding the space, curtains can again, add a finishing touch to the room and allow the design of the home to flow naturally onto the added bonus room. The problem with a room that is surrounded by windows, a space like this can become quite hot in the middle of the summer. Having curtains that can be drawn closed mid-afternoon, will help keep the space much cooler. Not only that, but curtains can also allow for privacy.


Curtain-Tracks has been able to help many homeowners complete their plans by providing tracks, glides, wands, and curtains. We can help you as well! We truly enjoy working with homeowners on their home improvement projects and we love seeing the finished product. If you have used a Curtain-Tracks product and would like to share some pictures with us, please email them HERE. We just may share them on our social media channels or in a future blog post!

1 year ago

Airstream Replacement Curtains and Curtain Hardware

In thumbing through the current issue of Departures magazine, I came across an interesting article about Airstream travel trailers by Jesse Will.  He chronicles a number of interesting facts (some of which are shared below) and it is certainly worth a look if you have any interest in Airstream Trailers, Travel Trailers in general, or RVs.  Here is some of the history shared about the iconic manufacturer of the unmistakable aluminum skinned trailers:

11 years ago

Encore For Theatre Curtains!


We have had the opportunity to work with community theatres as well as school theatre departments when it comes to stage curtains and curtain tracks. Theatre curtains tend to be very long and heavy and the thickness helps with sound absorption when the crew is moving props or the cast is gathering on stage prior to the next act. You can't just use any ol' curtain track for a project like this - you need to use a track that can withstand the demands of the theatre.


We have a wide selection of tracks that work well in this environment, but the 3120 Extra Heavy Duty Curtain Track is best equppied for this project.The 3120 track is an Extra Heavy Duty Curtain Track available in Silver or Black anodized aluminum. It has a thicker top wall for added support and cut to 8 ft and 4 ft or 6 ft and 6 ft sections for shipping (if you need 12 ft sections, give us a call for shipping information via a freight carrier). The 3120 curtain track is compatible with 7140 Double Wheel or 7146 Short Snap Carriers.


A stage isn't complete without curtains, so depending on the size of your stage, our Eclipse fabric might be the perfect fit. Eclipse curtains helps absorb sound and blocks 98% of light. It is a heavy-duty fabric available in a variety of lengths and widths so you can customize the entire look of your stage.

If you work with a theatre department that is in need of a quality curtain track to withstand the tugging and constant opening and closing of stage curtains, we can help. Our experienced customer service team can walk you through the project so the next time you open those curtains for an Encore you won't have to worry about the curtain track holding those curtains. Give us a call to find the right track, drapery hardware, and curtains for your stage: 888-434-7444.

4 years ago

Lofts And Functional Curtains

Four years ago we wrote an article on our blog about 3 Ways To Improve Your Living Space With Curtains In Lofts. The post was extremely popular so we thought we would revisit the topic and share some ideas on how to make super-cool lofts just a bit more functional by adding curtain tracks and curtains.

1. Windows, windows, windows! Loft apartments often have great windows and while we enjoy an awesome view as much as the next person, there comes a time when everyone needs some privacy. Hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains in front of windows not only helps create some privacy, they also block light and can save on air and heat costs. Just hang them on our sturdy ceiling mount curtain tracks and you will be good to go!

2. Open space! Loft apartments are large open spaces but you can create smaller spaces (like the bedroom), just by adding curtain tracks. Close the curtains when company is coming to visit or leave them open when you decide to make the bed and don't mind your friends seeing your space.

3. Storage solutions! As fantastic as a loft apartment is, they often come with a lack of storage spaces. Easily store bins of clothes, holiday decorations and extra what-nots by creating a storage space. Again, curtain tracks and decorative curtains to the rescue! Find an unused space in the loft (perhaps an unused corner of the space) and designate that area for your extra items.

Make your loft home just a bit more functional by adding curtain tracks and curtains to areas you think just could be made just a bit better. Don't forget to send us your pictures!

3 years ago

Custom Curtain Track Solutions

Whether you are a designer, architect or an individual looking for a DIY project, our track and curtain solutions are designed for simple installation. In addition to window curtain hardware, we also provide high quality, commercial grade curtains that are used for many applications such as RVs, bunk beds, cubicles, hospitals, boats and bathrooms. Our customer service team offers expertise and advice that is unmatched. If you need help, advice or a custom curtain track solution, we're happy to help keep you on the right track!

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