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Man Card Crew Project 1 - Poker Garage

By Curtain-Tracks 11 years ago 3014 Views No comments

Curtain-Tracks.com had previously announced its affiliation with the Man Cave Crew, a new home improvement television show targeting design makeover projects designed specifically for men. Production continues and the first episode should air by the end of the year.

Silent Gliss Track System Replacement Parts

By Curtain-Tracks 11 years ago 12046 Views 7 comments

Edited November 15, 2018: Silent Gliss is available in the United States as of 2014.

Earlier this year, Silent Gliss, a large global manufacturer of drapery hardware, withdrew from the US Market. With that departure, it has become very difficult for owners of these Silent Gliss systems that have been sold in the US for years to find replacement parts like carriers and end stops. These parts are readily available in the UK, but not in the United States. Curtain-Tracks.com offers a range of components that are similar to these Silent Gliss parts and compatible with the Silent Gliss tracks.

Customer Testimonial - Curved Shower Curtain Track

By Curtain-Tracks 11 years ago 11092 Views 1 comment

We have the opportunity to speak with customers located across the US every day, helping them to select the right curtain track system to meet their needs.  It is always great to hear back from customers after their project is complete.  Sometimes the feedback offers constructive criticism that guides us through our continuous improvement efforts.  Sometimes it is a simple thank you.  Other times customers share images and descriptions of their projects.  The entire team at Curtain-Tracks.com welcomes customer insight.

Customer Testimonial - Floor to Ceiling Curtain

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We are happy to share the feedback provided by another highly satisfied customers.  She used a ceiling mounted track to help decorate her room and her comments and photo are shared below:

Divider Curtain Used in Vintage Trailer

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The customers base at Curtain-Tracks.com ranges widely from Interior Designers, Architects, Work Rooms, and General Contractors on the commercial side to Home Owners, Renters, and DIY lovers on the consumer side, and we are here to serve this wide range.

Convert a Closet into Functional Space

By Curtain-Tracks 11 years ago 2968 Views No comments

We've mentioned before in our blog about replacing closet doors with curtains. Along those lines, we came across an interesting article at realsimple.com regarding closet conversion by Nicole Sforza. The article highlighted three homeowners who took closet space that was disorganized and underutilized and converted it into stylish and highly functional alcoves in their living spaces. In each of the three examples, you will notice that a curtain was used to conceal the area or storage within the area, and you know by know that we are always on the lookout for creative ways to utilize curtain tracks in interior design.

Adjustable Christmas Stocking Hooks

By Curtain-Tracks 11 years ago 5608 Views 5 comments

With the Christmas holidays approaching quickly, many homeowners will begin to pull Christmas decorations out of the attic or basement to decorate.  Christmas stockings are certainly a staple for many people, and we offer a great Christmas Stocking Hook Kit that makes hanging stockings safe, quick, and easy.  This kit offers a total of six feet of track that can be mounted under a fireplace mantel, or under a shelf or door frame, along with six hooks that easily slide from side to side.   Because the track is a very low profile, it can be left mounted year round.  The hooks can be removed or replaced.  The mantel track is available in white, black, brown, or gray to blend nicely with most fireplace mantels or other mounting surfaces.

Outdoor Curtain Project

By Curtain-Tracks 11 years ago 15486 Views No comments

We recently received some great images of an outdoor curtain installation in Oakland, TN from one of our customers and wanted to share them.  Jerry C.  fabricated his own outdoor curtains from a Sunbrella outdoor fabric.   This outdoor fabric will hold up well in the elements, and provides shade while still offering some transparency through the curtains based upon the weave of the fabric.  The intent was to provide shade for the covered patio behind their home, and we really like the look of this finished do-it-yourself (DIY) project.

VW Westfalia Camper Curtains & Hardware

By Curtain-Tracks 11 years ago 32632 Views 2 comments

In response to our call for pictures in this month's email newsletter, Tim W. from Bangor, ME was the first to respond.  Thanks Tim!  He shared the picture below showing the new curtains he added to his VW Westfalia Camper (also known as a Westy).  Tim used the 3096 Wrinkle Band and 4040 Wrinkle Band Hooks for his project, along with the 3050 Eye Slides to replace some missing from his VW Westfalia curtain track system.

Bedroom Makeover

By Curtain-Tracks 10 years ago 2457 Views No comments

We confess we are late in getting this posted, as the images were shared some time back, but better late than never. The husband and wife duo Scott and Kim of Yellow Brick Home, a very popular home interior design blog, have become repeat customers of Curtain-Tracks.com. In a mid year project focused on the interior redesign of a bedroom, they again chose to utilize curtains hung from ceiling mounted tracks. The simple silver curtain track offers a nice contrast to the colors of the curtains and the walls, and provided the functionality the creative pair was seeking.