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Last weekend I went to my best-friend-from-childhood's wedding. I've known this girl since playing soccer on the community team at just 5 years old, so it's safe to say, Laura and I go way back. As such, I knew I could expect her a few clever twist and turns during her Chicago Cubs themed reception.

I “heart” Curtain Tracks!

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Last week I attended an interior design round-table discussion and was surprised with how many people were not aware of curtain tracks and all their potential in the interior design and Do-It-Yourself worlds. So, I thought it would be helpful if I pulled together a simple summary of why I love (and you'll love) working with curtain tracks from Curtain-Tracks.com.

What's YOUR Hang Up?

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Working in the interior design industry, I have heard equally as many design success stories as I have horror stories. And while I don't like to bring up the negatives, I think there is some merit involved with bringing to light the challenges I've seen others face, as well as the ways to conquer them. Thankfully, Curtain-Tracks.com is definitely a huge help in tackling the woes that many of you come across when it comes to your curtain-hanging experiences. Take a look!

Elegant'sea - Boat Shower Curtain Project

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As we continue to develop both depth and breadth of our own blog here at Curtain-Tracks.com, we have come to form a greater appreciation for our customer's blogs as well.  It is exciting for us to see our products highlighted in a DIY blog post or message board, both because it is satisfying to see the products that we offer put to work, and because there is nothing more informational for potential customers than an honest testimonial of a customer who is using your products.

Drapery Track Installation Tips

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Ten Drapery Track Installation Tips:

Special Offer - Blog Readers Only - 11% Off through May 29th

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We like for our customers to periodically review the content we add to our Blog, as it helps explain aspects of curtain track installation, inspires new design and decorating ideas, and helps to develop a relationship between our company and our customers.  As a thank you for your visit to our blog, we are going to let you in on a little secret.  Curtain-Tracks.com is offering 10% off on all orders that are processed using the following coupon code during checkout:  Mem11

Preview - Media Room Makeover

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We hope to see several of the first few episodes of the Man Card Crew be aired soon in the Chicago area.  Curtain-Tracks.com supplied curtain hardware and curtains for Episodes 1 and 3. In the video below, you will see the design overview and computer generated graphics of the media room design for Episode 3, transforming a pink sewing room into a top shelf media room and man cave that anyone would be happy to call their own. In the video (at the 1:00 minute mark), you will see and hear mention of the Curtain-Tracks.com blackout curtain made of Eclipse light blocking fabric that is hung from 88001 privacy curtain track to provide a removable divider that can prevent light from entering via the stairwell and help reduce noise from media room back into the other floors of the home.

Garage Makeover - Man Cave Poker Room

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Here is a preview of the first episode of the Man Card Crew home improvement show that should be begin airing in the Chicagoland area soon. Curtain-Tracks.com provided the curtain track hardware and curtain panels to conceal wall shelving units and overhead storage shelves suspended in the center of the room above the main light fixture, allowing for an interior look despite being a garage. By covering these storage areas, the designers can hide what is typically an unsightly mess on storage shelves with a simple and inexpensive curtains option. The use of curtains also provides flexibility since they don't take up the room a standard door or wall may require and provide easy access to the full span of the shelves. Small curtain panels also provide accents along the back wall, helping to soften the look and make it feel more like a den than a garage.

Lights, Camera, Drapery Hardware...

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It is always fun when our products get to make cameo appearances in television shows and movies. Since we do know drapery hardware but don't know acting, this is about as close to Tinsel Town as we are likely to get. The set designers for The Good Wife on CBS recently purchased curtain tracks to be used in an upcoming episode of the popular TV show.

Customer Compliment On A Sale Well Done

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We always like to get feedback from our customers to help us understand what we are doing well and where we need to make improvements. While some companies are afraid to acknowledge anything negative, we confess that we do get the occasional complaint. Sometimes the issue is our fault, sometimes there is an issue with Fedex or USPS with the product in transit, and sometimes the customer makes a mistake in placing their order. Regardless, we do our best to tackle these challenges and work hard to satisfy the customer. More times than not, customers usually only invest the time and energy to contact us after the sale if there is an issue or problem.