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Don’t Throw Away Leftovers

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You ordered 12 feet of track, but only needed to use 10 feet. You don't want to throw away extra track, so what do you do?  Rest assured, you are not alone. Many of our curtain tracks come in pre-set length that you have to cut to fit your space, producing leftovers.

Can You Have Too Much Room? Create Intimate Spaces with Dividers

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Who Let the Dogs Out?

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What do you do if you're a parent or teacher and have more children's drawings to hang up than you do space on your bulletin board or refrigerator? Before you think about putting holes in your walls from push pins to tack up the picture, consider a much more elegant approach that will let you hang other things, too: the bulldog clip.

On the Ball

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Help! The Holidays are Here!

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The holidays have a way of creeping up faster than you might think. In fact, they're here now! Is your home ready for the deluge of decorating that ensues after Thanksgiving?

Save Your Walls!

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Tired of sticking holes in your walls or struggling with the sticky residue from adhesives and tapes just to hang pictures or posters? You can still hang them without turning your walls into Swiss cheese. A curtain track installed along the top of your wall provides a convenient, unobtrusive way to hang all your pictures, like in the image below.

Get On The Bus

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Have a tour bus or commercial bus you want to make more enjoyable to ride on? Curtains installed on the windows can be a big help. These keep heat and light from entering, which helps to maintain the comfort of the passengers. In addition, curtains can be used on buses for to provide privacy for bunks or sleeping areas.

Bathroom Style With Curtains Beyond the Shower

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shower curtain Shower curtains are just one way to use curtain in a bathroom

Keep Out

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Did you ever make a clubhouse when you were a kid? Maybe it was behind a stack of sofa cushions, inside a tree house or under a snow fort, but the greatest thing about it was that it was your own personal space that no one could intrude upon. Today, even as adults, we need privacy, especially in certain situations. How can you get privacy in open spaces? Privacy curtains.

Ship Shape

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So you have just ordered something from our website? Now your next question is how long will it take to get to your home or business. The answer depends on how much the initial shipping charges were, where you live and whether you opt for faster shipping options.