Sew-In Tail Slide Tape For RVs And Boats


Sew-In Tail Slide Tape For RVs And Boats



Buddha said “It is better to travel well than to arrive.” We know our RV and boat owning customers would agree. Around this time of year, they start to feel the call of the open road, or sea, respectively, which means it must be time to take a hiatus from home projects and start working on home-away-from-home projects! We’ve got lots of products that RV and boat owners rely on. Quality curtains, tracks, and drapery hardware are particularly important in these small mobile spaces. They cover windows and berths, and can act as doors or walls where there is no room for an actual door or wall. RV and boat owners also want products that are safe and easy to use. We can fit this bill with, among other products, Sew-In Tail Slide Tape.





Sew-in Tail Slide Tape is a nylon ribbon with carriers called “tail slides” adhered every 4.25 inches. The tape is sewn into the top of a curtain panel, and can be directly sewn in when pleating. The slides can then be installed directly into the track. This method of attaching the curtain panel to the track eliminates the need for metal hooks, and so is safer in a moving vehicle than the typical carrier/hook system. It also makes the installation process essentially one step, which is much appreciated by our RV and boat owners.



Our inexpensive Sew-in Tail Slide Tape is available in white or black, sold by the yard, and is compatible with plastic and aluminum tracks such as our 3018 Plastic Curtain Track, or the 3296 Aluminum Curtain Track. While these are fine, quality tracks, we understand that you might not want to look at them all the time. By sewing the tape a little lower than the top of your curtain, you will be able to conceal the track.


Do you have questions about how to use Sew-In Tail Slide Tape? Shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you right away.



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