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Shipping Charges for Curtain Tracks

Shipping Charges for Curtain Tracks
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We will occasionally hear customers comment about the shipping costs charged by Curtain-Tracks.com to ship the long curtain tracks and we want to provide additional information that will help you as a customer understand the basis of the charges.  We understand that they may seem high as compared to most items ordered online.  However, the size and shape of our products are quite different than those of a book or a pair of shoes.  The shipping costs charged are reflective of the costs incurred to deliver the products to your door.   Shipping charges are not a profit center for our company.

UPS is the shipping company of choice for Curtain-Tracks.com based on the necessary balance between service level, costs, and ability to handle the long shipping tubes required to send 8 foot tracks securely.  Because most tracks we sell are shipped in long, heavy duty protective tubes (100 inch long x 4 inch diameter tubes for 8 foot tracks), these packages require special handling by UPS as they are susceptible to damage if placed on the conveyors used in the distribution centers.  As you may expect, UPS charges more for this level of service.  In addition, the heavy duty cardboard tubes necessary to protect the curtain tracks during transport are not cheap, and the cost of each tube is integrated into the overall shipping costs.

Shipping Tubes Used for Curtain Tracks

We also offer shipping to Alaska and Hawaii and have a significant number of customers in those two remotely located states.  The reality of shipping to either of those locations is the incremental costs associated are passed along to the customers.  We have not found a viable alternative to ship these long tubes at a lower cost, including the use of the United States Postal Service (USPS).  Therefore, our customers in those locations pay higher shipping charges than those in the continental US.

We do offer a Will Call option for those customers located in and around Houston, Texas who prefer to pick up their product to either save on the shipping costs or to allow for the purchase of tracks longer than 8 feet.  If this option is selected by our customers, we ask that you call to make arrangements for pick up and that the product is retrieved in a timely manner.  Please note that Will Call orders are not placed in a protective shipping tube.

Our goal is to deliver high quality products via quick delivery, ensuring they arrive on time and in perfect condition.  There is a cost involved given the unique size and shape of our products, and we strive to keep those costs down for our customers.  We hope you understand the realities of shipping these long curtain tracks.  Curtain-Tracks.com operates in a competitive marketplace and we are confident that our shipping costs are in line with or are less than our competitors.