The Two Faces of Snap Tape


The Two Faces of Snap Tape

You cannot have curtains that pop without a little snap – snap tape, that is. Snap tape has two sides, which must be considered before you decide to use this for hanging your curtains.


Snap tape as the name suggests is fabric tape that is sewn into the top edge of the curtains. The tape has male snaps attached that connect to the snap carriers hung from the curtain track. The snaps on the 1-inch-wide snap tape are set 4.25 inches apart. You should get carriers for ever 4.25 inches of the length of your curtains to be sure that you have enough glides to use for every snap on the snap tape.

This tape makes it easy to connect the curtains to the hardware, and it is easy to pull the curtain down if you change your mind. For convenience during and after hanging curtains with snap tape, the small time investment to sew in the tape is worth it.


Snap tape is usually used in situations where, for safety reasons, you do not want to have curtains with hooks or if you need curtains to easily and quickly be removed from the track. Snap tape is great for use in RVs, boats and buses. Snap tape is also often used in commercial applications. Whether in commercial applications or in vehicles where an occupant may lose his balance and instinctively grab a curtain for balance, curtains may be yanked or pulled. The snap tape helps avoid damage to the curtains as the snaps disengage before the curtains rip or tear.

Snap tape is also the approach to use to achieve a ripple fold look. The appearance of a ripplefold curtain resembles that of a sin wave as the curtain stacks. As the curtain is closed and the curtains are extended, the folds flatten out over the length of the track. Some people prefer to maintain the wave or ripple fold look when the curtains are closed. This can be achieved by adding width to the curtain panels and by using a corded carrier.


When you install curtains, sometimes you only have to see the front of them, but if your curtains are being used to cover a bunk bed or as a divider for a room, you will see both sides of the curtains. If the appearance of both sides is important, you may consider masking the snap tape with matching fabric. Check out both sides of a curtain with snap tape in the images below to see how it looks on all sides.

The front of a curtain with snap tape.

Snap tape as seen from the back.


If you are ready to snap to it and use this type hardware, you can purchase it by the yard or in 100-yard rolls. If you have any questions about how to use snap tape or for alternatives, contact us for more information.


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