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Simplify Your Life With Ceiling Track Kits

Simplify Your Life With Ceiling Track Kits
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We pride ourselves on having more high-quality curtain tracks and drapery hardware than any other online curtain track vendor. We have hundreds of products available on our website. This is one of the strengths of our company, but we admit that it can come with the downside of being a little overwhelming, especially for those new to curtain tracks. We address this by having very knowledgeable staff available via email and phone during the day, evening, and weekends. Typically, our staff need only a brief description of your project to be able to direct you to the correct track, carriers, hooks, etc. that you will need. However, we have made it even easier to purchase the right hardware for a ceiling-mounted track by creating ceiling track kits.



A ceiling-mounted curtain track is perfect for floor-to-ceiling curtains, which have many uses. When used to hang curtains in front of sliding glass doors or picture windows, they can help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They can also be used to create a virtual wall to hide a storage area or divide a room. Our ceiling track kit has all the major components needed to install a durable, multi-use ceiling track. The eight-foot track is aluminum, available in silver or white, and comes with pre-drilled mounting holes on 16-inch centers (no brackets needed). The 28 accompanying carriers are smooth-rolling, ball-bearing carriers that will stand up well to repeated use over many years. Also in the kit are two metal end stops, to keep your carriers on the track.


Not included in the kit are two other necessary items: the screws and the hooks (that go between the carrier and the curtain). This is because the type of screw needed is determined by the ceiling material, and the type of hook needed depends on the curtain. Your local hardware store can help you pick the proper screw and anchor for your ceiling. Curtains with grommets will need a stainless steel curtain hook; curtains with pleats will require a drapery pin hook.

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