Somewhere, Over The Rainbow, There Are… Curtains!


Somewhere, Over The Rainbow, There Are… Curtains!



Spring has almost sprung, which means that many homeowners are beginning home improvement projects. Usually these projects involve adding a breath of fresh air and new color to spaces. To help our customers make decisions about colors in their home, we thought we would share WebMD’s article about the psychology of color trends. Since Curtain-Tracks are used in many homes, we were intrigued by the findings.


While the color trends article references paint colors, we like to think that curtains can add a pop of color in a different way. The texture and depth allows for yet another feeling to be present in the room, one of warmth. Even if you aren’t covering a window, you can use one of our ceiling tracks combined with your favorite curtains to add a pop of color and a depth of texture to any wall.


Color Trends


Curtains in warm colors like red, orange, or yellow to use in your living room in order to stimulate conversation. Earth tones like beige and brown encourage friends and family to stay a while. So, decide what goal you have for the space you are decorating, and consider the psychology behind colors. Some “food” for thought: red might not be the best choice for your kitchen if you are on a diet. Some of you may have heard that McDonald’s chose red and yellow as their color schemes long ago because they encourage eating. They were pretty smart in this particular color selection, however there are many other colors that impact our mood and the overall feeling of our house.



Do a little research of your own on colors and you just may have a different feeling about those color swatches, aka curtains, that have been hanging in your home. Do a little research on and you will realize that color doesn’t have to come from a paint can. Check out the rainbow of colors on our website and place your order today!



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