Spare the Rod and Spoil Yourself with Curtain Tracks


Spare the Rod and Spoil Yourself with Curtain Tracks


Curtain tracks: you’ve experienced them when you have stayed in nice (or even not nice) hotels; you saw them in action on your last visit to the emergency room; you may have even had a brush with them in the theater – but it never occurred to you to bring one into your home. The idea is absurd! Ok, maybe you would consider one for the shower curtain, but certainly nowhere else. If this describes you, then you have sadly been brainwashed by the pervasive, vicious, curtain-rod propaganda machine. Time to overthrow the curtain-rod regime and stage a coup-de-track.

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Agatha Christie once said, “Curious things, habits. People themselves never knew they had them.” Most people are in the habit of buying rods when they want to hang curtains, and don’t even realize there are other options. We know old habits are hard to break, but it is time to take a deep breath and open your mind to curtain tracks in your home. Why? We outlined four major reasons tracks are superior to rods in a previous blog. Here we will mention a few more things to consider.


Curtain tracks tend to be less expensive than rods, and are generally less cumbersome. Ceiling-mounted tracks are particularly uncomplicated: Leave a life of fiddling with brackets and levels behind you and simply drill a track directly into your ceiling (instant levelling!).

Due to the size and location of curtain rods, one is forced to coordinate their style and color into the décor of the room. If you have neither the time nor inclination for such nonsense, or want a simpler look in which your curtains speak for themselves, tracks are the answer. Installing curtain tracks in your home is unusual, unique, and, dare we say, audacious. They are certainly sleek, and absolutely modern. You may be the first person in your neighborhood to switch from rods to tracks, but we’ll bet you won’t be the last. You trendsetter, you.

If you would like to hear us go on and on about how curtain tracks are better than rods, give us a call at 888-434-7444 and our sales associates will talk your ear off. (They will also help you pick the right curtain tracks and drapery hardware for your project.)


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