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The Advantages of Wall-Mount Ceiling Tracks

The Advantages of Wall-Mount Ceiling Tracks
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We recently made the case that you should embrace the idea of installing ceiling-mount curtain tracks in your home rather than using rods. We absolutely stand by this (blogged) statement…except when it comes to wall-mount curtain tracks. We really do think ceiling-mount curtain tracks are the bomb, but there are times when a bomb is not what you need. At risk of being called fickle, we are going to make the case this week for wall-mount curtain tracks.

84003_wall_mount_track_kit 84003 wall mount track kit


Wall-mount tracks can do almost everything ceiling-mount tracks can do. They can handle heavy drapes, cover sliding glass doors, and be installed in parallel (using a double wall bracket). They can also do a few things that ceiling-mount tracks cannot, such as dressing a window in a room with a vaulted or two-story ceiling.


In a room with standard ceilings, you will need at least a few inches between the top of the window and the ceiling to have enough space to install a wall-mount track. Admittedly, the drapery hardware you need to use is bulkier and more visible than the hardware for ceiling-mount tracks, but this gives you the opportunity to install a valence, cornice, or pelmet, which is not possible with a ceiling-mount track. These accessories serve the function of hiding the unsightly bits, but give the benefit of looking great and adding style in and of themselves. The overall look of a wall-mount track is more traditional than a ceiling-mount track, which might be just what you are looking for.

We carry over a dozen wall-mount curtain tracks, and lots of drapery hardware, but we have made ordering easy by creating our best-selling 84003 Wall Mount Curtain Track kit. This kit has everything needed for an eight-foot wall-mount track, including ball-bearing carriers, end stops, and single wall brackets (everything but the curtains and hooks). Kits can be combined to make longer tracks (with splicers), and as always, you can add a Master Carrier and Wand set to make the curtains easier to open and close.

Do you have a wall-mount curtain track in your home? We’d love to see it. Send us photos at info@curtain-tracks.com.