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The Benefits of Curtains In Lofts

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When choosing a home, some people enjoy a single family house, others like condos or apartment living, but many people prefer the loft life. Lofts appeal to so many not only because of the vast openness, but also because of the cool, trendy feel they provide. Exposed brick, large windows, and high ceilings are all wonderful features, but what happens when you have guests visiting overnight or want to create a smaller, more intimate feel?


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There is a simple solution to these design dilemmas: curtains! Adding curtains to your loft space is not difficult and the benefits are amazing. The best way to hang your floor to ceiling curtains to actually divide the space is to use our Extra Heavy Duty Curtain Track. This track is super strong and can even be spliced together into one long track, allowing a smooth transition to open and close your curtains. So no matter how large of a space you have, adding curtains using this track should be a breeze.



If you are looking to soften the feel of your spacious loft and want to add shears or curtains that aren’t too heavy, our ceiling-mounted tracks are perfect for the job.  They can create smaller spaces such as bedrooms and can also be added as a closet door. Many lofts do not offer a lot of storage space but by adding curtains, you can create your own storage spaces such as in a corner. If you are looking to be extra creative, you can even add curtain tracks and beautiful curtains along a wall to create a visual piece to the space.


We love to see how creative our customers can be with their Curtain-Tracks. Send us a picture and we will include you in a future blog post!  info@curtain-tracks.com.



Amanda 3 years ago at 6:27 PM
My home needs a little redecorating, and I think that some curtains would really help it out. So I like how you point out that curtains that aren't too heavy can soften the look of your room. That would help me out a lot, so I think that I'll just find to find some. https://www.lushescurtains.com/cotton-velvet-curtains