The Best Hospital Curtain Tracks On The Market

The Best Hospital Curtain Tracks On The Market



With things like Ebola, Superbugs and flu epidemics popping up in hospitals and clinics all over the world, the last thing health care workers need to deal with is trouble with their equipment. We make sure our hospital and clinic customers get the best hospital curtain tracks around in the form of our 88001 Privacy Cubicle Track. This track allows hospitals to provide privacy to patients who need it, and protect others from patients who are very ill.





Health care providers don’t have time to fiddle around with a privacy curtain that gets stuck in its track, or to re-install a track that is coming down. These curtains typically need to be opened and closed in a hurry, with little thought to gentle treatment for prolonging the track’s life. Since these professionals are focused on the more important task of prolonging a person’s life, we can forgive them, and besides, our hospital curtain track can stand up to the pressure. It is an aluminum, ceiling-mounted track with a silver satin finish that can be bent as needed and spliced together to make several different shapes for cordoning off different types of areas. This track is slightly wider than standard curtain tracks and can readily support virtually any fabric, including the oft-used antimicrobial curtains. This hospital curtain track is inexpensive compared to similar items on the market, and yet is the industry standard for this type of track. If you are outfitting or renovating a hospital or clinic this is the track you want to use.



Here’s where it gets even better: The track keeps a low profile and can even be recessed into the ceiling to be almost invisible; and the compatible drapery hardware is as durable as the track. This includes the two-wheel carrier, and the beaded drop with a hook. These pieces move smoothly, even for the brusquest of nurses, and will stand up to long hours of repeated use.


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