The Case Of The Missing Carriers: Customer Service To The Rescue


The Case Of The Missing Carriers: Customer Service To The Rescue



Once upon a time there was a customer (we will call her Kathy) who ordered a curtain track from a company that was not From what Kathy understood, the carriers she needed were supposed to be delivered with the track. So she patiently waited for her track and the proper drapery hardware to arrive. However, tragedy struck when the package arrived delivering only a curtain track. The carriers were nowhere to be seen. Frustrated, she called the company to order the carriers but was told that they did not sell carriers separately, and they did not offer to send the parts that were missing. Things looked very grim for Kathy until she contacted our customer service representatives and learned that all was not yet lost.


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Our customer service reps have tackled many cases like this. Customers have called looking for drapery hardware for a track that has been in their RV for decades, or they need to replace a track that is no longer sold by the original company, or, like the customer in our story, they have been let down by products from another company. As they do in most of these cases, our customer service reps asked Kathy for a photo of the track so they could determine the type of carrier she would need. We keep such a large stock of drapery hardware that we can find something that will work with almost any track we come across, even if it’s not one of ours. Kathy provided the photo and our reps sent samples of several different carriers so Kathy could see which one worked best.



As it turns out, there were two carriers that she liked, and she decided to buy a full set of each so that she could easily change the height of her curtain whenever she liked simply by switching the carriers. Kathy was very grateful. In fact she said, “thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” It’s all in a day’s work for our reps and they were happy to help.


No curtain track question or need is too tough for our super reps. Call them today with your curtain track dilemma and they can help! 888-434-7444.





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