The Curtains and Tracks Behind Luxury Dressing Rooms


The Curtains and Tracks Behind Luxury Dressing Rooms



Did you receive any gift cards this Christmas?  According to this Washington Post article, the answer is likely yes. But what in the world does Curtain-Tracks have to do with Christmas gift cards?  


Changing area concealed by curtains on tracks



Well, if any of the gift cards burning a hole in your pocket are to stores that sell clothes, one trip inside will show you. Just head to the dressing room and look up to see how Curtain-Tracks is related to your favorite clothing store. That’s right, that hardware holding the curtains might just be our Aluminum Ceiling Mounted Track.  


True, some stores are still using the rows and rows of stalls with doors, but that can feel a little like a restroom. Many upscale and boutique stores are moving towards dressing rooms with privacy curtains. It can create a more upscale and luxurious feeling when done correctly.  



A few things need to happen in order to create a private, high end feeling in a dressing room. First, it needs to be 110% private. There isn’t much more unnerving than watching that one inch gap in the curtain while trying on clothes. Complete privacy can be accomplished by using a track just a little longer than the opening so the curtain closes the entire way. Add a large silver hook to your curtain and secure the curtain to the wall or side curtain to ensure complete privacy.  



Some stores are taking the dressing room design a little further by creating a complete dressing room circle, completely encompassed by curtains. These dressing rooms are handy in retail stores with limited space. In this situation, the fabric should overlap with itself, so using our Flexible Curtain Track will be an easy solution.   


Of course the finishing touches on a project like this is the fabric. The fancier they are, the more high end they will feel and look. That usually also means they are heavy than typical curtain so we recommend our strong Double Wheel Carrier combined with our 7142 Steel Curtain Hook.



So, think of Curtain-Tracks the next time you are out spending your gift cards. Take a look up to the ceiling in the dressing room and let us know what you find. You can even send us pictures to Happy Shopping!



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