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The Finishing Touch of a Valance

The Finishing Touch of a Valance
By Curtain-Tracks 5 years ago 1764 Views No comments


Does anyone else suffer from a Pinterest addiction? We at Curtain-Tracks are always looking for great design ideas, so it is not unusual for us to lose ourselves in the thousands of ideas that can be found there. For example, have you ever thought about all of the different looks you can achieve by adding a valance to your design plan? When you aren’t visiting the Curtain-Tracks Pinterest page, check out the results of a simple search on valances if you are looking for inspiration.



As we mentioned in a previous blog post, design experts recommend adding layers for interest and a finished look. Although we believe our products are beautiful, it can be a good rule of thumb to “Cover Your Tracks.” There are lots of options in the world of valances, so consider the feel you are trying to achieve in the room. Looking for a formal dining room, for example? Try a wood crown molding. Hoping for a cozy living room? Fabric with some backing for depth might be a better choice. Prefer a classic look? Think about pleats and swags. This project can be store bought or DIY, making it something for everyone to consider.


Once a style has been established, take your design from pretty to functional by using Curtain-Tracks products. Pick your favorite wall mounted track to hang a sheer or your favorite curtains. One of our favorites is the narrow and sleek 2030 track because it will give you lots of room to mount your wood or fabric in front.

Take a look at your windows this evening. Might it be time to give them a refresher?