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The Most Magic Piece Of Drapery Hardware: Curtain Wands

The Most Magic Piece Of Drapery Hardware: Curtain Wands
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When you think of hanging curtains, what supplies do you think of? Curtains certainly come to mind as a fairly important piece of the project. If “rods” is the next word in your head, we encourage you to read some of our other blogs about the benefits of tracks over rods. Trust us, tracks are way better. So, we are agreed, next is the track, and of course the hardware needed to install it. What’s next? Most people will remember carriers, the small but important link between the track and the curtain, some will remember end stops, another small but crucial piece of drapery hardware, but very few will remember to order their magic wands.



Ok, admittedly, wands are not a necessary piece of drapery hardware, strictly speaking, nor are they “magic” in the Harry Potter sense, but they can work some significant magic on your curtains. Having trouble visualizing? Picture hotel curtains. These curtains typically have a wand such as our 84182 White Fiberglass Wand or 7136 Clear Acrylic Wand attached to a master carrier, which is affixed to the top inside edge of the curtain panel. Rather than grabbing the curtain to open and close, you grab the wand.


What’s so magic about this? First, with tall curtains, even non-vertically challenged people have to grab the curtain near the middle of the panel rather than the top. This can put a lot of downward pressure on the carrier and the track, which will lead to damage over time, and interfere with the smooth opening and closing of the curtain. Using the wand puts the pressure right at the carrier itself, reducing wear and tear and facilitates smooth carrier movement. Secondly, these curtain wands, which are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, also increase the life and improve the look of your curtain panels by reducing the frequency of oily hands touching the curtains. This is particularly important with delicate fabrics, and expensive, designer curtains.

We are well-versed in the abilities of our “magic” curtain wands. We can help you decide if they are right for you. Call us at 888-434-7444.