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The New Superhero On The Block: Flame Retardant and Antimicrobial Curtains

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Current popular culture is fascinated by superheroes so much that, “what would be your superpower?” has become an acceptable party conversation starter. (Telekinesis, if you’re curious.) At curtain-tracks.com we have also caught the “super” fever, and so we are offering the “superhero” of curtains: our Sundance Fabric privacy cubicle curtain. What are its superpowers you ask? The ability to inhibit bacteria and resist flames (sort of like the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four, only backwards).

Flame Retardant and Antimicrobial Sundance Fabric Flame Retardant and Antimicrobial Sundance Fabric


Not impressed by flame retardant and antimicrobial curtains? Then consider that most hospital curtains are rapidly and frequently contaminated with bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains, or so-called “super bugs.” Sundance fabrics have been proven to become contaminated at a much slower rate than other fabrics because they are treated with a chemical that inhibits bacterial growth. Using these curtains in commercial, hospital, or clinic settings, where they are in contact with multiple people per day, but not washed nearly that often, can reduce the spread of illness and disease.


Still not impressed? Then further consider that even in hospitals something as simple as a toaster can start a fire, and having patients surrounded by a flame retardant barrier may provide enough time for firefighters to intervene and save lives. Not bad for an inexpensive, machine-washable curtain panel that is available in twelve colors. Stan Lee, comic book writer and former president and chairman of Marvel Comics, would be proud.


The ability to resist bacteria and flames are not the only powers these curtains have. Like all superheroes these curtains are tough, durable, and close to immortal. They have a triple thick 1.5 inch header reinforced with a middle layer of nylon mesh, Safe-T-Stitching that locks in hems and seams, and two-piece rustproof nickel-plated brass grommets. They can be machine washed or dry cleaned and they have superior stain and odor release. They are typically hung on ceiling-mounted curtain tracks.

Intrigued? We would be happy to acquaint you with our superhero flame retardant and antimicrobial curtains. Swatch samples are available upon request. Give us a call at 888-434-7444, and we will give you an introduction.