Thinking Way Outside The Cubicle: A Unique Use Of Our Privacy Cubicle Track


Thinking Way Outside The Cubicle: A Unique Use Of Our Privacy Cubicle Track



Over the years our customers have shared with us how they have used our products, and it is a real pleasure for us to see pictures and videos of our curtain tracks and drapery hardware in use. We also love when our customers use our products in unique ways, so you can imagine how tickled we were to receive a video from Bob Milner of Southport, NC, showing off his beautiful screened-in porch, and an unusual use of our privacy cubicle track. This track is often used for commercial purposes, such as in hospitals or clinics, or to create some privacy in the modern, corporate “cubicle farm.” Mr. Milner’s new way to use this track couldn’t be farther away from the corporate world.





Mr. Milner is quite the do-it-yourselfer and good at thinking “outside the box.” He added a large screened-in porch to his home and designed it so that he has a 180 degree view, even while seated. The view is beautiful and the décor so lively and welcoming we wanted to jump in the video, grab a mint julep, and put our feet up.



Mr. Milner and his wife like to take their meals on the porch (we can see why), but didn’t want to have to sacrifice their view when it is windy and raining outside. They chose our 88001 Privacy Cubicle Track to help them keep out the elements. Mr. Milner installed this ceiling-mounted track with our hooks, and put grommets into a length of clear plastic sheeting that he hung like a shower curtain just inside the screens. Most of the time the sheeting is open and barely noticeable, but when the weather is bad they close the “curtains” and keep their view. Very clever!


We think the 88001 track was a great choice by the Mr. Milner for this application. It is an inexpensive, ceiling-mounted curtain track with a silver satin finish that is available in 8-foot sections, and multiple tracks can be spliced together if needed. This track can also be ordered with 45 and 90 degree bends, and we have all the necessary drapery hardware available.


What do you think of Mr. Milner’s creative use of our privacy cubicle track? Let us know at



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