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Time To Cut The Cord And Meet Your Uncorded Curtain Tracks

Time To Cut The Cord And Meet Your Uncorded Curtain Tracks
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Lurking in your memory somewhere there is likely an experience with a corded curtain track. Maybe it was in a motel room in the ‘70s (we won’t ask), or in your grandmother’s great room, or on a neighbors sliding glass door. You pulled the cord of the pulley apparatus, the curtains magically moved, and you felt a little like a theater stage manager, or maybe a sailor (hoist the main sails!). However, nostalgia aside, in the curtain track world corded curtains are yesterday’s news, which is why we exclusively sell uncorded curtain tracks. Let us tell you why.


Uncorded_Curtain_Tracks Photo: HGTV.com


They are cheaper. Simply put, more drapery hardware (pulley apparatus, cords, wider track to hold the pulley) means more cost.


They are easier. Just as in point one, less drapery hardware means less to install and less that can go wrong, but that’s not all. Our curtain carriers are first rate, and all of them glide smoothly along our tracks. Nothing can be simpler than grabbing and pulling your curtain panel to open and close it. If you are worried about handprints and stains, add a set of master carriers with wands, and the whole process is still easier than a pulley system. Lastly, uncorded curtain tracks are easier on your guests who won’t be expecting a corded system, may grab the curtain panel to move it, and mess up the whole works.


They are “in.” We’re sure your grandma is a lovely woman, but you don’t want curtains like hers. Even hotels are getting rid of the old corded systems and using master carriers and wands instead. We aren’t slaves to trends, but given that a corded system is more expensive, more difficult, and out of style – we consider that a no-brainer.


Need more convincing? Give one of our sales reps a call at 888-434-7444 and hear more about the advantages of uncorded curtain tracks.