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Replacement Part Of The Month: Traverse Rod Carriers

Replacement Part Of The Month: Traverse Rod Carriers
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We are pretty passionate about our products, and we want to help our customers from the beginning to the end of a project. We also want to be there to help when things go wrong. Which they likely will - physicists tell us that all things in the universe move from order to disorder when left to their own devices (an idea called entropy). If it’s true for the universe, it’s true for curtain tracks, so we carry drapery hardware replacement parts, like our 8130 nylon traverse rod carrier for when entropy happens to you.

Traverse_Rod_Carriers 8130 Nylon Traverse Rod Carrier


The nylon traverse rod carrier fits lots of tracks and lots of types of tracks (including its namesake, the traverse rod), but, admittedly, not any tracks that we carry. Why do we stock carriers that don’t fit on any of our curtain tracks? Because they fit on your curtain tracks. These essential pieces of drapery hardware are similar to the well-known Kirsch 3908 slides, which you might find in an RV you just bought, or on a track you installed years ago. And maybe you are missing one. Or two. Or maybe the whole set is bad. Curtain-tracks.com to the rescue! We can hook you up with a brand new set that is compatible with your existing track, which saves both time and money when compared with replacing the whole system.


Nylon traverse rod carriers are often found on corded curtain track sets. There are lots of good reasons that we only carry uncorded curtains, but if you’ve got corded curtains, we won’t judge. We will provide you with replacement carriers as needed. These inexpensive white carriers, sometime referred to as gliders, glides, slides, or sliders, come in bags of fourteen and are compatible with most drapery pin hooks (which also come in bags of fourteen – crazy huh?).

We want to help you keep your existing curtain tracks working properly. Traverse rod carriers may be just the replacement part you need. Send a photo of your existing curtain track to info@curtain-tracks.com.