Use Curtain Tracks To Make Your Own Photo Booth



According to Popular Photography, over 200,000 photos are uploaded to social media sites every minute. For good or ill, smartphones and digital cameras have created a reality in which no event goes by without being thoroughly photographed and recorded, be it a graduation or what someone had for lunch. It’s no surprise then that one of the hottest items around for parties and community events is a photo booth. We’ve indulged in a photo booth occasionally and enjoyed the opportunity to take silly photos with our friends, but when considering one for an event of our own, we did not enjoy the resulting sticker shock. It occurred to us that we might be able to use curtain tracks to make our own inexpensive, photo booth.


wedding-photo-booth-props Photo: photoboothprops.net



We have long provided high-quality curtain tracks for kiosks and ticket booths that could easily be used to create a photo booth. We’ve got bendable and flexible I-beam tracks, standard, straight aluminum tracks, and all the drapery hardware needed. Most of our curtain tracks can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, so there are lots of installation options when planning a photo booth. For example, you can easily create a photo “booth” in a basement corner using drop ceiling clamps and a flexible track. No drilling is required for this kind of installation and it is quick and easy to put up and take down.



Our tracks can also be easily installed into an outdoor pergola or gazebo, but if you want the photo booth to be cheap and mobile, the track could be installed into a plywood frame. In all cases you will want to use our Eclipse light-blocking curtains to block out light and give your guests the privacy to be silly, or allow their inner model to emerge. Purchase some novelty sunglasses, hats, and boas from your local party store, and your guests will love it.


Need some help putting it all together? Give us a call at 888-434-7444, and our customer service reps will help you out.



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