Uses For A Heavy Duty Track In The Workplace And At Home


Uses For A Heavy Duty Track In The Workplace And At Home



In America we like our cars to be big, our heroes to have super-human abilities, our paper towels to be extra absorbent, and our medicines to be extra strength. Browse supermarket aisles (even our markets are super!) and you will be bombarded by packaging screaming “ultra,” “mega,” “more,” etc. Oversaturation of these terms has robbed them of their potency and meaning, so that when we tell you we carry heavy duty curtain tracks, you may think we are just exaggerating for advertising effect. Far from it – we actually have tough, durable, strong, heavy-duty tracks that can hang almost anything. We’re pretty sure they can handle any project you’ve got at home or at work.


Heavy_Duty_Curtain_Track 3120 Heavy Duty Curtain Track



Our heavy duty tracks, such as the 6200 Heavy Duty I-Beam track are often used for commercial purposes, such as hanging heavy curtains from high ceilings in a retail or industrial space. These curtains are used to do everything from directing retail foot traffic, to cordoning off an area of a machine shop for safety purposes. If our heavy duty track wasn’t enough, then we have our extra heavy duty track, the 3120 Extra Heavy Duty Curtain track. The low profile of this track makes it a good choice for installing privacy curtains in areas that will get a lot of rough use, like busy hospital clinics or emergency departments.



Heavy duty tracks have a place in the home as well. Our heavy duty 6100 Flexible Curtain track is great for curtains or drapes on a Bay window, or for creating a virtual wall to divide an area, or hide an area (such as a water heater or furnace in the basement). In fact it is the ideal weight for this track for most home projects. It can handle hanging heavy drapes, or even moving blankets, but is still flexible enough to be bent by hand as needed into curved or angled shapes.


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