Using Curtain Tracks in Your Trade Show Booth


Using Curtain Tracks in Your Trade Show Booth

It’s trade show exhibiting season and you’ve got goods or services you want to sell. There are customers out there who want to buy them, but you are missing the middle piece. A great product/service trade show booth can bridge the gap between you and your customers by drawing them in and creating an environment that encourages interaction.

You can make your exhibit area a warm and inviting oasis in the sea of cold, hard retail with the use of curtains. Carefully placed curtain tracks and drapery hardware can create an intimate, comfortable space with warmth and texture. Curtains hung from temporary walls or a large frame around your exhibit space can drown out the sales pitches going on around you, and allow you to draw the curtains completely around your space during display changes or renovations. Hold back the curtains with tie-backs to create an interesting, dramatic entryway, and bring on the customers!



Our 4108 Bendable I-Beam Curtain Track is a good choice for this application. This track can be hand-bent into curved shapes, and mounted to the wall or ceiling with snap-in retainers. Another good option is our 6200 Heavy Duty I-Beam Curtain Track, which is like the 4108’s burly big brother, and can stand up to the toughest sales pitches, or repeated tear-down and re-installation if you take your show on the road.


If your exhibit space is not large or you are doing a small trade show, you will find the 610 EasyKlip Midi Tarp & Banner Clip and 600 EasyKlip Mini Tarp and Sign Clip very helpful. You can hang an advertisement banner, signs, or even a large curtain or tarp with these clips. They are designed to increase clamping pressure as the load against them increases, making these clips the strongest, most reliable of their kind on the market. They require no tools, can be hung or released with one hand, and are durable enough to be used over and over.

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