Using Curtains Tracks For Changing Rooms


Using Curtains Tracks For Changing Rooms



Profit margins in clothing retail are notoriously thin these days. Cutting costs is always a priority, and we are here to help. Using curtain tracks for changing rooms is an inexpensive option compared to the cost of installing doors. Additionally, the right kind of track and curtains can be used to create the whole changing area, which will further reduce costs because there is no need to build permanent walls.





Curtain tracks in the retail space also have the advantage of contributing to the décor and style of the store. Decorative panels, sheers, and heavy drapes each bring their own distinct impact, and all will add more to the décor than doors do. Curtains create a warm, elegant atmosphere. Perhaps the biggest advantage to using curtain tracks for changing rooms is that there is more flexibility in changing the look of the store. Hanging a different curtain panel will change the look of the whole space, or the curtains can be opened or easily removed when renovating or redecorating.



With products you don’t have to worry about wear and tear over time. When the right track and the right drapery hardware are installed properly, they will last for well over a decade, even in the toughest retail environments (BOGO sale anyone?). Our 3120 curtain track with 7140 Large Double Wheel Carrier is a popular choice for changing rooms, especially because the track uses no brackets, but is drilled directly into the ceiling, giving it a very low profile. If a changing area has to be created out of nothing, our 6100 Flexible Curtain Track with the 6111 carrier are the best choice. This track can be installed on the ceiling and bent by hand into any curved shape needed, including a complete circle. For commercial use, we recommend the heavy duty version of this track.


We have helped lots of retail owners use curtain tracks for changing rooms and other commercial uses. Give us a call to discuss how curtain tracks can improve your business: 888-434-7444.





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