Wall Mount Versus Ceiling Mount: A Curtain Track Smackdown


Wall Mount Versus Ceiling Mount: A Curtain Track Smackdown


Life is full of choices. What should I wear today? What should I eat for lunch? Should I get a perm? (No, you shouldn’t.) Experts tell us that too many choices lead to stress, and we aren’t going to make life any easier for you. After choosing your curtains, (which color, pattern or solid, sheer or light-blocking) and your track, (flexible, standard, or heavy duty), we are now going to throw another choice at you: Wall mount or ceiling mount?


In a previous blog we discuss the pros and cons of ceiling mounted versus wall mounted curtains when hanging them on your sliding glass doors. The main arguments are the same no matter where you hang your curtains or drapes, and, like most of life, comes down to a question of form versus function. Ceiling mounts allow you to create a flowing, floor-to-ceiling look. In fact some of our tracks can even be recessed into the ceiling for a seamless effect. This kind of curtain track is particularly useful when there is little to no room between the top of your window or door and the ceiling. Ceiling mounted curtain tracks are also the way to go if you want to create a layered look: two or three tracks mounted in parallel allow you to stack up sheers, decorative, and/or blackout curtains as needed. We offer many options when it comes to ceiling mounted tracks.

wall mount 84003 Wall Mount Curtain Track


We offer single and double wall brackets, so it is possible to hang two sets of curtains via a wall mount, but these tracks are most advantageous where ceiling mounts are not possible. For example, if you have high ceilings, don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on curtain fabric, and want to be able to open and close the curtains easily, wall mount is the way to go. We offer all the drapery hardware you will need in our 84003 Wall Mount Curtain Track Kit.

So, wall mounts versus ceiling mounts? Who is the winner?


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