Warm Up Your French Doors With Curtains


We are a big fan of French doors. They are a beautiful addition to almost any room because they let in so much light, and make the room feel very open. Plus all the decorating options for these windows/doors make us feel giddy with possibilities. There are only a handful of drawbacks to French doors, which, interestingly, derive from their strengths. A wall full of French doors can become so “open” looking that it becomes stark and cold, and the beautiful open, airy feeling the doors provide during the day may make one feel rather exposed when the sun goes down. As you might imagine, we think both of these problems can be solved with curtains.



Voluminous, textured, floor-to-ceiling curtains will warm up any space, and French doors are no exception. To create this look, you will need a ceiling-mounted curtain track, which, in our opinion, is the best drapery hardware for dressing a French door. In many cases there is very little room between the top of the doors and the ceiling which make a ceiling-mounted track necessary. However, even when there is enough room for a rod, the ceiling track is still the way to go (a wall-mounted curtain track is a viable alternative). Some of our tracks can be recessed into the ceiling as to be practically invisible, giving the curtain all the attention, and our tracks can be spliced together as one continuous design element, something not possible with rods, which require regular brackets.


When evening arrives, so does the need for privacy. Again, here is where the ceiling-mounted track (or two), shines. Two-tracks installed in parallel, one carrying a sheer and the other carrying Eclipse light-blocking curtains, provide the best of both worlds. Open both for complete exposure, close just the sheers to let in some hazy light, or close both to block out the world. These are particularly handy if your French doors are in your bedroom and you want to sleep in.


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