What Your Morning Routine Is Missing: A Shower Curtain Track


What Your Morning Routine Is Missing: A Shower Curtain Track


For most people, the day simply cannot start without a cup of coffee and a shower. So here’s the thing – if you’re going to do the same thing every single day, why not make it the best experience it can be? We have everything you need to give your shower a unique style, make the shower experience more efficient and enjoyable, and create maximum privacy. It all starts at the top with a shower curtain track instead of a rod.



Our loyal readers know that we prefer curtain tracks to rods in most situations. The shower is no exception. A ceiling-mounted curtain track is more stable and durable than an installed rod, and far superior to the common tension rod. Admittedly, it will take a bit longer to install a shower curtain track than to put up a tension rod, but we promise you will never need to worry about your entire shower curtain falling to the ground if you pull it too hard or grab it the wrong way. Almost any of our ceiling-mounted curtain tracks will do, but we have made it easy for you by putting everything you need in one handy shower curtain track. If you want some space between the top of your curtain and the ceiling (to let out steam), go ahead and add beaded drop chains to the kit.


The crowning touch to your perfect shower will be the perfect shower curtain, and we have that, too. In fact we have been known to go on and on about our nylon shower curtains, but hear us out. These curtains are the best shower curtains made by man. They are water and stain repellent, which means they won’t get covered with mildew and dirty fingerprints. Even better, they have full length, double thick, turned 1/2 inch sides, and reverse bottom hems, which means that water and soap runoff is directed back into the tub – no more water on the walls and floor. You can use the panels as a liner, or alone – they will not billow.

Have more questions about how to create the perfect shower? Email us at info@curtain-tracks.com


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