When One Track Just Isn’t Enough


When One Track Just Isn’t Enough


Many of our regular Curtain-Tracks blog readers know by now that several of our curtain tracks come in custom lengths that can be bent to the appropriate shape; but, what happens when you need more than the amount of length that is offered on our website? Curtain-Tracks has you covered with a few options.


Not only are our customer service representatives at Curtain-Tracks top notch, our product developers are genius, too! They know that many applications for our products are custom and that many are used in very large spaces. They also know that quality is a high priority for our company, and a track that makes curtains stick is just unacceptable. A splicer will allow our tracks to be mounted end to end without getting in the way of a smooth glide from our curtains and our gliders. Just one of these splicers will double the length of curtain coverage in a jiffy. Need even more length? Just add more splicers!


Tracks such as the 88001 Privacy Cubicle Track or the 4108 Bendable Beam Track are two that have splicers that match for under $5 each, making an easy and inexpensive choice for large projects. Our splicers come in a choice of colors to match your track and are very easily installed. Other tracks, such as the 3120 Extra Heavy Duty Track, do not come with an option of a splicer. This track comes in 12 foot sections that must be cut to 8 foot and 4 foot or two 6 foot sections unless shipped via freight. No fear, however, because these tracks can also be mounted end to end in order to stretch a longer distance. They just need to be aligned edge to edge, and our carriers can glide right through.


It is wise to become good friends with your level while hanging tracks in a large space. The edges of the tracks should be aligned as closely as possible so there is no gap in between, and the sides should be as flush as possible. Although our splicers and our carriers allow for carriers to glide through with ease, it is our recommendation to do a little planning to determine where the seam will fall. It is best for the seam to not see a whole lot of action, so we recommend putting it in the middle of the track, where the curtains meet.

If you aren’t sure which track or splicer will be best for your project, just give us a call. Our experts will walk you through all the points to consider and recommend the perfect fit for your purposes and space. 1-888-434-7444


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