Where Have the Curtain Hooks Gone?


Where Have the Curtain Hooks Gone?



Can anyone else get lost in the endless sources of life hacks on the internet?  These little tricks are simply genius but how many of them do people really try?  They're great ideas when you check them out on your smartphone, but some of them require way too much time and effort.


For example, how many of you have left a light bulb burned out and thought “When one more goes out, I will just fix them all at once?” Guilty? We thought so. Now, how many curtain hooks do you lose before you take action? Two? More? Do you then opt to replace the whole thing? Why are humans so predictable? We will deal with small frustrations to avoid seemingly larger ones, but often the larger frustration isn’t so large in reality. Thanks to Curtain-Tracks replacement parts, you don’t have to start from scratch every time.


7122 Button Carrier with Hook



At Curtain-Tracks, we would like to encourage you to not wait until the curtain track is completely out of commission before you take action. A simple phone call to our customer service team will help you get the correct part you needed for just about any job. Even if your curtain track isn’t one of ours, we have the products and the experience to find a solution.


If you take a minute to stock up on your correct replacement parts now, it won’t be a big deal to replace hooks or endstops as they stop working or get lost.  Many of our hooks are packaged in multiples so if you only need two right now, you could buy a pack of ten and be ready when the next two disappear. If you keep them in arm’s reach of the curtain, maybe you’ll even be inclined to replace them as they are lost instead of waiting until the curtain is near impossible to open.



Check out Curtain-Tracks to see what small improvements you can make to your everyday life.  Aren’t sure what you need?  Email us a picture of your hooks or track and we will be happy to help you make a match.



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