You’re Gonna Love Our Wheeled Carriers-Part 1


You’re Gonna Love Our Wheeled Carriers-Part 1



The focus of this blog post is on a small but mighty piece of drapery hardware that goes by many names. They’ve been called slides, glides, trollies, and do-hickeys. In some parts of the world they are mysteriously referred to as “you know, that part that goes in between the curtain and the track.” Ah yes, we certainly do know – and for the sake of simplicity, we call these little gems carriers. And we’ve got ‘em. Boy have we got ‘em. We’ve got dozens of types of carriers that will work with almost any kind of curtain track, curtain, and other drapery hardware. Our two-wheeled carriers are durable, high quality, and will roll smoothly on their tracks for years to come. Here we highlight a few:



You will probably not be surprised to learn that the 6111 Flexible Curtain Track Carrier is compatible with our Flexible Curtain Track (which is a really cool track that can be bent by hand, but that’s a story for another day). These carriers have two wheels that roll along each side of the I-beam track, and have a loop dangling below for a curtain hook. Just like the track they are made for, they are available in standard, medium, and heavy duty sizes, and the size of the carrier should match the track you’ve ordered. These little babies are sold individually, but unless you’ve got a very unusual curtain you will need more than one (likely one for about every six inches of curtain), but don’t worry, at $0.60 each, they won’t break the bank.


6111_Flexible_Curtain_Track_Carrier 6111 Flexible Curtain Track Carrier



The 88100 Privacy Cubicle Two-Wheel Carrier has two wheels that roll on the inside of the track rather than around the outside like the flexible track carrier. They are compatible with the Privacy Cubicle Track and most other tracks with similar dimensions, as this is a common track type. These carries come with the hooks already attached, which is why they cost a bit more, but are still quite inexpensive at $1.00 each (they come in bags of fourteen). The 7130 Double Wheel Carrier is a nylon carrier similar to the privacy cubicle carrier, but meant for lighter uses.


88100_Privacy_Cubicle_Two_Wheel_Carrier 88100 Privacy Cubicle Two-Wheel Carrier


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