Christmas Stocking Hanger Kit

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Christmas Stocking Hanger Kit
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Replace all the mantel top Christmas Stocking Hangers and Christmas Stocking Hooks!

This track kit mounts underneath the fireplace mantle to provide an adjustable, convenient, safe mechanism for hanging Christmas Stockings. Simply slide the hooks back and forth to arrange your stockings. You can quickly adjust them as guests arrive so everyone is included.

The Chrismas Stocking hanger allows parents to avoid the hazard presented by mantel top Stocking Hangers and Stocking Hooks that kids can easily pull down. There is nothing more tempting to a toddler than the colorful fuzzy appearance of a Christmas Stocking. The heavy Christmas Stocking Hangers and Hooks positioned on the edge of a mantel are dangerous for young children, and this product was designed specifically to address this risk.

Once the Christmas Stocking Hanger Track is mounted, its low profile allows it to be left up all year...just remove the sliding hooks. Then the track and sliding hooks can be used to aid in decorating throughout the year. Hang banners, garland, ornaments, cut outs, birthday cards, or any other decorations quickly and easily.

Available in white, black, brown or gray.

Kit includes (2) 3 foot sections of track, (6) sliding hooks, (2) end stops, (12) mounting screws, and installation instructions.  Does not include stockings.

For more information regarding the hazard of heavy mantel top hangers, review the following article provided by MSNBC:

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Best baton!
Very strong even though somewhat flexible. I have them on extremely heavy drapes and this product will not crack or break no matter what I do. They are more functional than attractive but since they hang behind the drape edge I prefer them, especially because they are light and can be tucked into a fold if the curtain is drawn and secured behind a rosette on the wall occasionally. The other consideration is that this product will not scratch a window or wall when I let go after use. I have window tint film on some of my windows and do not want to risk the damage a metal baton might cause.
Review by Cathy / (Posted on 3/12/2014)