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  • Christmas Stocking Hanger Kit

    Part # 0500

    Christmas Stocking Hanger Kit
  • Replacement Hooks for Christmas Stocking Hanger Kit (6/bag)

    Part # 0511

    Replacement Hooks for Stocking Hanger Kit

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2 Item(s) is the first retailer to offer the RECMAR Christmas Stocking Hanger Kit. This tracks system mounts underneath a fireplace mantel or shelf, allowing any number of sliding hooks to be used to hang Christmas stockings. Because the track offers such a low profile, it can be left mounted inconspicuously year round, as the sliding stocking hooks can be slipped in or out as needed. This Christmas stocking hanger also addresses a serious safety risk as children commonly pull mantel top stocking hangers down upon themselves.

This sturdy, attractive Christmas stocking hanger also allows you to quickly and easily rearrange stockings as guests arrive and depart and also frees up prime mantel space for your favorite decorations. No more tacks, tape, screws, nails, or mantel top hooks. The RECMAR Christmas Stocking Hanger Kit contains all you need to make decorating a snap. And you will be surprised how often you will use this track and hooks for decorating throughout the year's holidays, parties, banners, and more. This Christmas, be sure to have the only stocking hooks that make sense.