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Boat Curtains

At Curtain-Tracks, we offer custom-sized curtains and mounting hardware for marine applications. Our curtains and hardware are perfect to use in boats, sailboats, yachts and even cruise ship cabins and common areas. Regardless of the type of marine vessel you have, we can provide marine and boat curtains for bunks, dividers, windows, portholes, wheelhouse, navigation stations, doors and showers.

Flame retardant fabrics are available for safety requirements, including those that meet FMVSS 302 standards. Lining materials for improved blackout and insulation purposes are also available. Our boat and ship curtains can be crafted to use most replacement drapery hardware. If you have a need for boat curtains, we have you covered.

For wholesale marine curtains and hardware, visit Recmar for more information.


Width – Measure full track length required. Be sure to measure driver’s side and passenger side separately, as they are not always symmetrical. Width will be added to account for curtain fullness.
Height – Measure from the bottom of the track to where you want to bottom of the curtain to fall. If you are replacing old curtains, you can measure those for reference.

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  • RECMAR 4124 I Beam Curtain Track Wall Bracket (2/bag)

    Part # 4124

    4124 Wall Bracket for Curtain Track
  • RECMAR 3042 T Glide w/ Elastic - Airstream - (14/bag)

    Part # 3042

    Airstream T Glide Curtain Carrier 700044
  • 3040 Nylon Sew In Tailslides (50/bag)

    Part # 3040

    3040 Sew In Tailslide - White
  • RECMAR 3050 ABS Plastic Eye Slide (50/bag)

    Part # 3050

    3050 Eye Slide - White
  • RECMAR 3060 Plastic Snap Glide (14/bag)

    Part # 3060

    3060 Snap Glide - White
  • RECMAR 3070 Snap Carrier (14/bag)

    Part # 3070

    3070 Snap Carrier for Snap Tape - White
  • RECMAR 4121 I Beam Nylon Wheel Carriers w/ Brass (14/bag)

    Part # 4121-B

    4121 Nylon Wheel Carrier
  • RECMAR 4121-V I Beam Nylon Wheel Carriers w/ Clip (14/bag)

    Part # 4121-V

    RECMAR 4121-V I Beam Nylon Wheel Carriers w/ Clip (14/bag)
  • RECMAR 7120 Curtain Track Single Snap Carrier (14/bag)

    Part # 7120

    7120 Single Snap Carrier - White
  • RECMAR 7122 Curtain Track Button Carrier w/ Stainless Hook RECMAR Hook (14/bag)

    Part # 7122

    7122 Button Carrier with Stainless Hook
  • RECMAR 7124 Curtain Track Button Carrier (14/bag)

    Part # 7124

    7124 Button Carrier
  • RECMAR 2097 Sew In Glide Tape - White - Sold by the Yard

    Part # 2097Y-1

    White Glide Tape
  • RECMAR 3091 Snap Tape - Sold by the Yard

    Part # 3091Y

    3091 Snap Tape - 4.25 inch spacing - White

Set Descending Direction

13 Item(s)