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  • Quick Ship Privacy Curtain - 84 tall

    Oatmeal with White Mesh
  • Quick Ship Privacy Curtain - 96 tall

    Oatmeal with White Mesh
  • Brushstroke Fabric Curtains

    Brushstroke Auburn
    Price From: $78.21
  • Dane Fabric Curtains

    Dane Cloud
    Price From: $70.18
  • Allegro Fabric Curtains

    Price From: $80.48
  • Oxford Curtains

     Oxford Curtains
    Price From: $82.22
  • Chateau Curtains

    Chateau Curtains
    Price From: $70.18
  • Parquet Fabric Curtains

    Parquet Fabric Curtains
    Price From: $73.44
  • Sundance Curtains

     Sundance Curtains
    Price From: $78.21
  • Shadow Cube Curtains

    Shadow Cube Curtains
    Price From: $78.21
  • Petals Curtains

    Petals Curtains
    Price From: $82.22
  • Raphael Curtains

    Raphael Curtains
    Price From: $86.24
  • Windsor Curtains

     Windsor Curtains
    Price From: $73.04
  • Ideal Curtains

    Ideal Curtains
    Price From: $78.21
  • Xanadu Curtains

    Xanadu Curtains
    Price From: $80.48
  • Glasswork Fabric Curtains

    Glasswork Castle
    Price From: $165.10
  • Argo Fabric Curtains

    Argo Fabric Curtains
    Price From: $147.50
  • Lynx Fabric Curtains

    Price From: $147.50
  • River Birch Fabric Curtains

    River Birch Fabric Curtains
    Price From: $147.50
  • Crossed Up Fabric Curtains

    Crossed Up Fabric Curtains
    Price From: $202.86
  • Jump Rings Fabric Curtains

    Jump Rings Fabric Curtains
    Price From: $215.10

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21 Item(s) offers the best selection of high quality privacy, cubicle and hospital curtains for all of your applications that require privacy and seclusion.

Privacy curtains are commonly used in the medical and commercial industries where they serve as hospital and other healthcare privacy curtains, doctor's office privacy curtains, dressing room curtains and even to give privacy to cubicles in offices.

The curtain fabrics we offer combine safety, style, ease of care and affordability. The construction of these privacy curtains ensures the look that is desired coupled with long curtain life, resulting in value for the customer.  While these curtains are commonly used in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities, they offer function and fashion for a wide array of applications. They can be made with or without the mesh at the top, depending on your specific needs and fire code requirements.We also offer hospital curtain tracks for the medical industry. 

Privacy Curtain Construction

All cubicle curtains are constructed with a triple thick 1 ½ incher header sewn with a double needle Safe-T-Lock stitch, making the curtains practically tear proof. This stitching technique eliminates unraveling and raw edges, providing enduring strength. Fabric patterns are always matched to provide excellent appearance, and each curtain undergoes a 7 point inspection process prior to approval for shipment. Curtains are typically sewn with rust proof nickel plated brass grommets on 6 inch centers across the header, although customer specifications can be accommodated. Curtains are constructed in any height and come in incremental widths of 18 inches.
Flame Retardant Curtains - All cubicle curtains are fabricated using fabrics that pass NFPA 701 testing, the most stringent national standard. Please consider all local codes however, to ensure you meet all requirements (e.g. some areas require the use of drops in lieu of mesh to ensure appropriate coverage of sprinkler systems).
Mesh - Most fire codes require the use of mesh across at least the top 20 inches of a privacy curtain. Our curtains feature ½ inch flame retardant mesh which meets NFPA requirements. Mesh available in 11 colors, although white or ivory are the most common choices to complement fabric selection. Curtains can be made solid, without mesh as well.  Our default mesh is 22 inch white mesh. 
Measurements - Height: Curtains available in any height, so identify the preferred spacing between the bottom of the curtain and the floor. Hardware drops the curtain by approximately 3 inches. Width: Curtains available in 18 inch increments. Add at least 10% (15% for tracks under 9 feet) to length of track to account for fullness.
Be sure to include ceiling height and track length and layout when requesting a quote.
Fabrics - A wide range of flame retardant fabrics are available for use in fabricating privacy cubicle curtains. We offer several of the most popular options below for your consideration. If you require a specific fabric, please contact us so that we may verify the fabric availability and lead time. All fabrics are “true-light” tested to ensure that the opacity of the fabric provides absolute privacy. Selection of fabrics shown typically ensures shorter lead times of one to three weeks from order placement to shipment.

Cut Width vs Finished Width - Curtains and shower curtains will not finish at the exact width ordered. adheres to industry standards basing all curtains on CUT WIDTH.  Approximate loss can vary up to 3.5” per panel.  This is due to varying fabric widths, side hems, and panel seams.  The following chart is based on 72” fabric width.