Residential Privacy Curtains


Residential privacy curtains are commonly used as room dividers, window drapes, bedroom privacy curtains, bed canopies, patio/deck curtains, etc. At Curtain-Tracks, our commercial grade fabrics are suitable for residential applications and are sure to match any décor. Our standard curtains come with ¼” grommets. Curtains purchased directly from our website will be grommeted.


We offer an array of fabrics that can match any décor. All fabrics are fire retardant and machine washable. If you require a specific fabric, please contact us so that we may verify the fabric availability and lead time. All fabrics are “true-light” tested to ensure that the opacity of the fabric provides absolute privacy. The selection of fabrics shown typically ensures shorter lead times of one to three weeks from order placement to shipment. Some features to consider when choosing privacy curtain fabrics include:

  • Sheer or semi-sheer
  • Thermal
  • Blackout/room darkening
  • Blackout lining
  • Sound absorbing
  • Fabric that looks like linen

For more information on specific curtain fabric options and swatches, please contact us.

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  1. Chateau Curtains
    As low as $92.82
    Part # Chateau
    Chateau Curtains
  2. Windsor Curtains
    As low as $96.60
    Part # Windsor
    Windsor Curtains
  3. Oxford Curtains
    As low as $108.73
    Part # Oxford
    Oxford Curtains
  4. Brushstroke Fabric Curtains
    As low as $103.43
    Part # CUR-BRUSH
    Brushstroke Auburn
  5. Dane Fabric Curtains
    As low as $92.82
    Part # CUR-DANE
    Dane Curtains
  6. Parquet Fabric Curtains
    As low as $97.13
    Part # Parquet Fab
    Parquet Fabric Curtains
  7. Allegro Fabric Curtains
    As low as $92.55
    Part # CUR-ALG
  8. Petals Curtains
    As low as $108.73
    Part # Petals
    Petals Curtains
  9. Antimicrobial Xanadu Curtains
    As low as $106.43
    Part # Xanadu
    Antimicrobial Xanadu Curtains
  10. Antimicrobial Sundance Curtains
    As low as $103.43
    Part # Sundance
    Sundance Curtains
  11. Antimicrobial Shadow Cube Curtains
    As low as $103.43
    Part # Shadow Cube
    Shadow Cube Curtains
  12. Antimicrobial Ideal Curtains
    As low as $103.43
    Part # Ideal
    Antimicrobial Ideal Curtains
  13. Springscape Fabric Curtains
    As low as $189.87
    Part # CUR-SPRSCA
    Springscape Fabric Curtains
  14. Antimicrobial Argo Fabric Curtains
    As low as $195.07
    Part # CUR-ARGO
    Antimicrobial Argo Fabric Curtains
  15. Glasswork Fabric Curtains
    As low as $218.35
    Part # CUR-GLSWRK
    Glasswork Castle
  16. Antimicrobial Jet Set Fabric Curtains
    As low as $195.07
    Part # CUR-JET
    Antimicrobial Jet Set
  17. Antimicrobial High Time Fabric Curtains
    As low as $195.07
    Part # CUR-HITIME
    Antimicrobial High Time City Gray
  18. Crossed Up Fabric Curtains
    As low as $268.28
    Part # CUR-XUP-
    Crossed Up Fabric Curtains
  19. Jump Rings Fabric Curtains
    As low as $284.48
    Jump Rings Fabric Curtains
  20. Antimicrobial Lynx Fabric Curtains
    As low as $195.07
    Part # CUR-LYNX
  21. Antimicrobial River Birch Fabric Curtains
    As low as $195.07
    Part # CUR-RIVBIR
    Antimicrobial River Birch Fabric Curtains
  22. Antimicrobial Shower Mist
    As low as $90.01
    Shower Mist Shower Curtain
  23. Antimicrobial Shower Shield
    As low as $90.01
    Part # Shower Shield
    Shower Shield
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Ripplefold curtains are the most requested type of curtain for residential application. We currently require a quote for all ripplefold curtains. Other types include:

  • Layered - sheer with blackout
  • Pleated
  • Modern with alligator clamp
  • Rod pocket does not sell curtain rods but curtains that are made with a rod pocket can be used with our track systems. Attach using 4138 Pin Hook.



Curtains are available in any height. Measure from floor to curtain track. Account for approximately 3 inches of hardware. You can also measure from curtain track to below windowsill if you do not want floor length panels. Curtain widths are offered in 18-inch increments for our standard curtains. Measure the width of your track and add approximately 20% for standard curtains. Ripplefold drapes can include up to 100% fullness.


Curtains and shower curtains will not finish at the exact width ordered. adheres to industry standards basing all curtains on CUT WIDTH. Approximate loss can vary up to 3.5” per panel. This is due to varying fabric widths, side hems, and panel seams. The following chart is based on 72” fabric width.


Custom Curtain Track Solutions

Whether you are a designer, architect or an individual looking for a DIY project, our track and curtain solutions are designed for simple installation. In addition to window curtain hardware, we also provide high quality, commercial grade curtains that are used for many applications such as RVs, bunk beds, cubicles, hospitals, boats and bathrooms. Our customer service team offers expertise and advice that is unmatched. If you need help, advice or a custom curtain track solution, we're happy to help keep you on the right track!

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