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  • RECMAR 7185 Beaded Chain Curtain Drop With Hook

    Part # 7185

    7185 Drop Chain
    Price From: $1.50
  • RECMAR 7187 Beaded Chain Connector - 7 inches

    Part # 7187

    7187 Connector - Eyelets on Each End
  • RECMAR 7181-Y Beaded Chain (Yard)

    Part # 7181-Y-B

    Nickel Plated Brass Beaded Chain
  • RECMAR 7183 Beaded Chain Eyelet Connector

    Part # 7183

    Beaded Chain Eyelet Connector
  • RECMAR 7142 Steel Curtain Hook (14/bag)

    Part # 7142

    RECMAR 7142 Steel Curtain Hook
  • RECMAR 7142 Stainless Steel Curtain Hook (14/bag)

    Part # 7142-SS

    7142-SS Stainless Steel J Hook
  • RECMAR 7115 Steel Bulldog Clip

    Part # 7115

    Steel Bulldog Clip
  • Metal Curtain Clip with Ring

    Part # 7113

    Metal Bulldog Clip with Ring

Set Descending Direction

8 Item(s)

Drop chains are often used with privacy cubicle curtains to provide clearance for sprinkler systems to provide full coverage in the event of a fire.  Using drop chains is an alternative to adding mesh to the top of the cubicle curtains to meet fire code requirements in many areas.  In addition, drop chains can bridge the gap between a curtain and the curtain track system that may be mounted higher than the height of the curtain.  Connectors are utilized to set a maximum spacing between curtain carriers.  For taller curtains, the use of connectors directly between the carriers helps make it easier to open and close the hand drawn curtains. offers common lengths, but can also customize lengths to meet your exact needs.