Industrial Roller Track - 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel - 8 Feet

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This heavy duty industrial track is roll formed from 16 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel. Sold in 8 foot lengths.

It is compatible with a wide range of mounting hardware, curved sections, trolleys, splicers, and end stops. The track is constructed with a safety flange to assist in guiding trolleys safely when curtain is pulled. It is also punched and beveled on ends for splicing and adjoining multiple pieces.

Our industrial track is rated to support loads of up to 100 pounds per linear foot if the load is evenly distributed between supports that are spaced 3 feet or less. The maximum load rating, if entire load is at one point midway between supports, is 175 pounds.

The finish on this track is galvanized steel which assists in preventing corrosion. Track is typically used in industrial applications where a priority is placed on strength and function over appearance. Examples for use of our industrial track are commercial car washes, warehouses, auto body shops, clean rooms, welding areas, loading docks, aircraft hangars, and photography backdrops, just to name a few.

Mounting options include flush ceiling mount, chain mount, beam flange mount, wall mount, or threaded rod mount.

Dimensions 1.48 in x 1.25 in. Stainless Steel and 16 foot options available.

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