Quick Ship Bunk Curtain - Navy

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Quick Ship Bunk Curtain - Navy

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These navy bunk curtains (sometimes referred to as rack curtains)  provide privacy and blackout functionality. Use in pairs for the wide side of a bunk or individually for the head or foot of the bunk. This great looking Eclipse fabric blocks 98% of light, is fire retardant per NFPA 701 standards, and is machine washable. Made from 100% Polyester.

Commonly known as berthing or berth curtains, these privacy curtains are designed to fit most vessel and ship sleeping racks.  US Navy fleets, US Coastguard, and offshore rig personnel deserve a comfortable, private sleeping bunk.  Our Eclipse bunk curtains are sound absorbsing and do not show shadows when backlit. 

Custom curtains available!

Looking for other colors? Check out our Eclipse light blocking curtains that come in a variety of colors.

The curtain header includes durable snap tape which snaps into any of RECMAR's snap carriers. Because the curtain can unsnap when pulled, it eliminates damage to the curtain and/or hardware due to rough seas or abuse. It also makes removing for cleaning a snap.

Dimensions: Width - 48 inches, Height - 36 inches.

Contact Us for pricing if you need curtains made per custom specifications (different sizes, colors, and hardware available).

Curtain Header Style

Snap Tape – 1 inch webbing with snaps spaced 4.25 inches apart sewn across header, offering a ripple fold curtain.

Color Navy in stock for Quick Ship!