84184 White Fiberglass Wand (Baton) with Clip

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84184 White Fiberglass Wand (Baton) with Clip
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Stiff white fiberglass wand or baton. Available in 36, 48, and 60 inch lengths. 3/8 inch diameter. Includes clip to attach to master carriers. Used with 84112 and 84114 Master Carriers. Makes hand drawing of tall curtains and draperies easier and eliminates hand prints on fabric. 60 inch length is great for tall curtains and high ceilings.

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Best baton!
Very strong even though somewhat flexible. I have them on extremely heavy drapes and this product will not crack or break no matter what I do. They are more functional than attractive but since they hang behind the drape edge I prefer them, especially because they are light and can be tucked into a fold if the curtain is drawn and secured behind a rosette on the wall occasionally. The other consideration is that this product will not scratch a window or wall when I let go after use. I have window tint film on some of my windows and do not want to risk the damage a metal baton might cause.
Review by Cathy / (Posted on 4/24/2017)