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How To Install Multiple Curtain Tracks For Big Jobs

How To Install Multiple Curtain Tracks For Big Jobs
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We all tend to live under the “more is better” philosophy of life, and sometimes, this is actually true. If you’ve got a lot of space to cover with curtains, one curtain track may not be long enough. Most of our tracks come in eight-foot sections, some come in twelve-foot sections, and some can be even longer. But what if you need to cover an even larger area, like a particularly big picture or display window, room divider, a theatre backdrop, or a large conference room divider? This is when multiple curtain tracks can be installed in tandem for a seamless track with no stopping points for the curtain.



We’ve previously discussed how tracks are superior to rods when you’ve got a lot of space to cover (most important advantage – no brackets), but we never got into the nitty-gritty of how to do it. If you’ve been brooding over this glaring omission – brood no more. Installing multiple curtain tracks can be a little tricky, but with the right drapery hardware, tools, and a level (and maybe a call to our customer service support line) you can easily install multiple tracks end-to-end. Some of our track systems, like the 88001 Privacy Cubicle Curtain Track, and the 4108 Bendable I-Beam Curtain Track, among others, offer splicers to make the job even easier. Other tracks, like the 3120 Extra Heavy Duty Curtain Track have to be aligned and abutted during installation without additional hardware.


With or without splicers it is important to fully align multiple tracks to minimize the seam and reduce the likelihood that carriers will jam when sliding through. (Here is where the level is going to be your friend.) Generally you want the carriers to travel over the seams as little as possible. Putting the seam in the middle where the curtains meet, is a good way to minimize carrier slide-through.

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