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Pleated Curtains = Traditional Elegance

Pleated Curtains = Traditional Elegance
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You can get them single, double, or French. You can buy them already made, or pinch them yourself. We are, of course, talking about pleats. Curtains with grommets are very popular, and simple to install, but the elegance and traditional look of a pleated curtain are worth a little extra time. Pleated curtains add dimension to a room and give it a polished look - your guests will see that you put some thought and effort into decorating the room. They also give you a chance to play with some of our more interesting pieces of drapery hardware.



We have previously posted about how to make your own curtains, and we are always available to help you out. If fact, we will make them for you if you like. If you want the honor and glory of making pleated curtains yourself (a good conversation starter), layout the fabric, pinch the pleat in the front, fold the fabric into an accordion shape, and sew a small seam top to bottom. Finish the edges with a double fold on the top and bottom.


Here’s where the drapery hardware options come in. You can put Tail Slides into the pocket of the pleat, or slide a Drapery Hook into the middle of the pleat. A tail slide is a handy do-dad that eliminates the need for a carrier because it slides into the track itself (you’ll need a compatible track like the 3296 Aluminum Curtain Track.) You may be more familiar with the curtain hook, which stays in the pleat thanks to gravity, and requires a carrier of some sort to attach to the track (which means you can use whatever track you like, including an existing one).


Solid color pleated curtains look great in dining and living rooms, and work with most fabrics, but are particularly striking with silks and satins. Pleated curtain panels with patterns like toile and paisley create a wonderfully textured, feminine look in a bedroom.

Have you made your own pleated curtains? Tell us about it at info@curtain-tracks.com